Toshiba's New Three-Layer Disc Combines DVD and HD DVD!

Toshiba has just announced a new consumer-friendly technology that would make it possible to create disks which would work in both standard DVD and HD-DVD players.

No further details have been given but, according to this article, this could allow publishers to release games on these discs with extra High Definition content for users who have HD-DVD players.

It's also a big step forward in the war of getting into the minds of movie consumers because it avoids the annoying decision the average Joe will have to make in order to chose the correct media format.

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BIadestarX5864d ago

Mommy look; another irresistible feature NOT supported by blu-ray! I get to buy HD-DVD movies and USE THEM on my standard DVD player while I save money to get an HD-DVD drive.

bambam19015864d ago

These discs have been available for a while. The HD side up until now has been 15G. Most HD DVD owners hate the idea since these discs are more expensive and the SD side is wasted space that could have been used towards increasing PQ and extras.

PS360WII5864d ago

A little wordy but I think I got it. So does this mean that developers in turn could produce a larger game on 360 than the standard dvd9 could hold and still be read by the 360?

jib5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

^ no i think it just means you can play hd-dvd movies on a regular dvd player (still wouldn't be in hi-def unless you upgrade your player)

bung tickler5864d ago

correct, or if you buy the hd-dvd addon and have a game that uss these disks while you would still put the game in the internal drive to play the game if you put it in the hd-dvd drive there would be extra content like "making-of" stuff and other videos.

Marty83705864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

JVc,has done a Bluray/DVD Hybrid this is old news. 5/jvc_04.jpg

IFA 2005 report:
JVC was showcasing their BD/DVD hybrid media (33.5GB), which was developed to ease the transition from DVD to Blu-ray by creating a disc that will play in both BD players and DVD players. The hybrid disc is basically a single-layer BD-ROM (25GB) and a dual-layer DVD-ROM (8.5GB) in the same disc, which can be read in both players as the Blu-ray layer is transparent to the red laser used in a conventional DVD player.

A JVC representative offered a live demonstration where he first put the hybrid disc in the BD player and played the video in high definition (HD), he then transferred the disc to the conventional DVD player which seamlessly played the same video in standard definition (SD). According to the JVC representative the BD/DVD hybrid will be part of the BD-ROM specification, which was also confirmed by a BDA representative at the show.

BURLY5864d ago

So I will agree with you that this is "old news" but these disks are still not out yet (for either side) and so any fresh news is good news.

Personally, I want to hear more about the dual players that Samsung, and others announced a while back because I really don't think that we will see a format "winner" this time and that both formats will be around for a long, long time.

PS: Considering all existing Blu-ray players can't even play the new 50GB disks and they still haven't figured out how to get the 50GB Blu-ray disks to work at all -- I would say that HD-DVD is not running behind at all.

Furthermore, the primary reason why Blu-ray has recieved such poor reviews (compared to HD-DVD) is because Blu-ray disks still use the old DVD codec's. So once again I wouldn't say HD-DVD is behind Blu-ray at all :)

Have a good one.

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The story is too old to be commented.