Want A Full Fledged Burnout Title? Buy Burnout Crash.

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Many had hoped for a new Burnout title when rumors of Burnout Crash surfaced. The game ended up being an XBLA and PSN game rather than the true sequel that was hoped for. Well according to OXM's crystal ball, "...EA is watching the sales of XBLA's Burnout Crash."

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STK0262759d ago

Well, I guess I don't want a new burnout title that bad. I'm not paying for what I consider to be a subpar game just for the sake of maybe getting another Burnout game. Guess I'll just go and play Revenge again.

TopDudeMan2759d ago

No, they'll make one for me not buying it. They should know we don't want a spin-off with the burnout name slapped on it.

Give us a full game and make it good. Or make a need for speed game that's like burnout. I'd be cool with that, too.