Saints Row: The Third Will Require Online Pass To Play

TQcast: "We just received our review copy of Saints Row: The Third, and it came with a very special surprise. Inside the FedEx package was a copy of Saints Row: The Third, Saint Flow Energy Drink, and some press release materials. What we didn’t expect to find was what was inside the actual Saints Row: The Third case."

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MoneyLaunderer2540d ago

SO sick of people complaining about online passes. Devs want to make money off of used games, and they rightfully should. Why should GameStop be making all the money off their games? Buy games new. Support the devs and not GameStop.

bumnut2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Why should they make money selling the same item twice?

If I buy a used car I don't have to send the manufacturer cash to drive it. If they adjusted their prices to a reasonable level they could crush the used market overnight, but they are too greedy.

EDIT - Providing free DLC to people who buy the game new and charging people who buy a used copy could also work, that way people still get to play online.

SpartanQ82540d ago

Agree 1000000%, well said man

MoneyLaunderer2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Well put. My point was most devs (not all, which would mean some don't deserve anything extra) spend time maintaining the online experience, which is where they end up making more of their money after the game is released. Car dealers don't offer maintenance on a car unless you pay for it. So why shouldn't they make a little extra for online?

I do see what you mean, though. I'm just sick of online passes always being considered "news".

EDIT - And I definitely agree with your point of Free DLC vs. the online pass.

jimmywolf2540d ago

games are not cars games don't break down need new parts that you can sell for more profit you still have option don't buy it day 1 wait for price drop or sales or get it really cheap so it off set online pass cost remember entitlement is bad everyone need money so they need find way make it as people complain about dlc

jrbeerman112540d ago

makes sense bumnut but videogames are not "Physical" property. as in it doesnt depreciate because wear and tear (it does depreciate on demand though). your buying intellectual property which works differently.

your using their program not their disk. the disk is just the means for delivery. someone who buys used will get the same experience as those that buy new.

i do not enjoy season passes either. I rented battlefield 3 to try multi before buying but couldnt so.....lost sale for EA. couldnt they at least give me a week free?

i do think its a flawed mechanic for collecting on their property but i understand why. Used copies really does cut profits big time.

Hopefully the new generation of consoles copies the steam model that i think is perfect. its not far fetched with how cheap storage has become these days. the discounts they give on their games destroys used game prices and the devs get money. Win/Win.

only flaw for some would be that they cannot trade in games they are done with, but you save more using steam sales and not trading in, than you would trading in and buying used.

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BuffMordecai2540d ago

Gamestop is cancer, especially with all that pre-order bs dlc that should be included in the game.

hazelamy2539d ago

you can't blame gamestop for that exclusively, not when the most publishers have a dozen different preorder bonuses spread amongst a load of retailers.

Biggest2539d ago

It's because those retailers asked for something to make them stand out. If retailers sold the games as they used to there would be no pre-order bonus exclusivity. GameStop wants to be the best game retailer, so they offer the developers/publishers some extra money and advertising to garner exclusive game items. The other retailers have followed and now the developers have to make four or more different pre-order bonuses (often arbitrary junk) to keep everyone, including themselves, happy.

farhad2k82540d ago

I hope GTA V doesn't need an online pass.

xX-Jak-Xx2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

r u kidding u just received the game
my friend got it 3 days ago

kramun2540d ago

That's ok, I wasn't going to buy it anyway.

cvflyboy2540d ago

Same here bro. part 1 sucked and part 2 sucked in my opinion.playing this BS game is only gonna make the wait for gt5 longer

Lirky2540d ago

Does online passes work for any other accounts on your Ps3? If not then online passes will fail and change at some point. Especially if some ppl use 2 main psn accounts.

Tired2540d ago unlocks access for all account users on the Ps3. At least resistance 3 does...that's the only one I've bought with a pass so far.

I've also downloaded it to my other ps3 and all accounts are unlocked there too.

Lirky2540d ago

ok thanks i gave u a bubble.. im glad it was a one time pass unlock instead of unlocking on each account lol.

Candy12540d ago

We're paying full price and should be entitled to trade it without fear of restrictive prison like ankle tagging.

Lirky2540d ago

Oh so online passes make it so that if u refund or trade the game in that no one else can use it they have to buy a new game instead of a Used one to play online.

So does online passes also require that one psn account can only use online or all accounts on the ps3 once u unlock the online pass to your ps3.

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