Review: The War of the Worlds | Nave360

Nave360's Gabriel writes:

"Quite some time ago (1898, to be exact), a man by the name of H.G. Wells wrote an epic tale about invaders descending upon or little planet and forcing us to fight for our lives. Unlike today, where aliens permeate every corner of digestible media, be it TV shows, movies, books etc, back then it wasn’t the norm, so it was quite an achievement to craft such a story as that. Recently, War of the Worlds has spawned a couple of adaptations, from musicals, radio shows, Steven Spielberg’s so-so interpretation, and the latest, The War of the Worlds, an XBLA title that puts you in the shoes of Arthur Clark as he makes his way through a destroyed London in hopes of finding his family. But does it live up to the original interpretation?"

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