Are Short Games Bad?

Carl B. of writes, "A video game's longevity is one of the most important aspects consumers consider when buying a new title, and is especially influential in these days of high priced games. It seems that very few titles that have come out in recent years have provided a long single player experience, a stark contrast to the 16-bit days when most games – mostly RPGs -- were at least 20 hours long. The majority of games released this generation last only eight to ten hours, which begs the question: are short games bad?"

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vishant1012544d ago

No not by any means odst had the best halo campaign but it was the shortest the real question is weather short games justify their price tag

Moduserous2544d ago

Yeah I think it's going to depend on the quality of the game weighted with the price tag.

gillri2544d ago

you though ODST was better than Halo CE?

AronDeppert2544d ago

I love short games if the price is right.

BinaryMind2544d ago

How many games do we even finish? If anything, most games need to trim the fat (the backtracking, the fetch quests, etc.) and simply become a tighter experience. U3 may be only six hours, but if it's good and tight enough I'll probably play it 2, 3, or even 4 times.

A game that is as long and as great as Zelda comes once in a blue moon. So to assume longer games automatically mean a better chance at GOTY is ridiculous.

SwampCroc2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Masturbation is a fun game and it only lasts about 5-10 minutes.

Darkfocus2544d ago

it takes like minimum half an hour... 5-10 min really?

PygmelionHunter2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Do you guys seriously have to discuss that here?

@Swampcroc >_>

@Swampcroc (again) I know, but the fact that Darkfocus replied in such a way, somehow disturbed me lol.

SwampCroc2544d ago

I suppose it does if you are going to make it into a ritual and light candles and shit...

but if you just are trying to bust one out... yeah 5-10 minutes... 80% or more of all men...

it doesn't take long to get the juice flowing.

SwampCroc2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

@pygmelionhunter it was mean't as a joke... you know... a quick laugh.....

no need to be a prude... it's a natural thing... men and women alike... adults and children... humans and animals...

deal with it!

@pygmelionhunter (again)... Yeah I see what you're saying.. as I was writing it I was just thinking it was a funny response to the title of the article... I didn't even think about other people's comments.

cyborg69712544d ago

Half hour? Your doing it wrong.

nolifeking2544d ago

You're rubbing one out not trying to make the hand fall in love.

Hicken2544d ago

Sounds like some of these guys... well, I don't wanna put anybody's business out there, but unless I'm trying to destroy myself, 20 minutes in a minimum.

SwampCroc2544d ago

I should have never typed anything, haha...

I dunno... I just get it done and out of the way and continue on with my day.

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The story is too old to be commented.