Best and Worst Games of October 2011

Eric of writes:

"October was probably the best month for games since the first few month of this year. There were so many critically acclaimed games, there was a three-way tie in the top-five-rated games of October. We saw the release of huge triple-A titles like Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and Forza. I think we all already know which game took home the “Best of the Month” honors, but let’s see which titles made up the Best and Worst for the month of October."

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rrquinta2566d ago

Lots of great games released in October, and more to come now in November. If only I could ask for more time for Christmas!

TheLiztress2566d ago

Ouch, I hate to see that the Cursed Crusade got such a lower score. I thought the demo was fun, albeit short.

jc485732566d ago

atlus really did a bad move this time.

cpayne932566d ago

Even better ones coming out this month.