UFC Undisputed 3 will have “various DLC content” at launch including menu backgrounds

GamesRadar reports: "During a recent hands-on with THQ’s upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, the developers talked a little bit about how the game’s menus have been entirely redesigned. Instead of having the menu icons appear over generic wallpapers, this iteration of the fighting franchise will pan over different high-resolution pictures of fighters. While the game will, obviously, ship with a number of different backgrounds, THQ says that it plans to offer additional image packs after launch, which will be made available as downloadable content."

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dangert122544d ago

The monopoly gaming has become Is sad, I would't mind If they Intended on supporting the game for years without a sequal or even with sequels coming out. But this Is not the case they just sell you a game squeeze every penny out of you through dlc then bring out a new game with updates and stop supporting the one you Invested heavily In. I am also not happy with the sheep like community who get every new Itteration of the game Almost Instantly help kill the community of old. so glad I'm moving on to PC gaming were this happens alot less and the libary Is so big I can rediscover games I never completed In the past while waiting for new ones I like to drop In price effortlessly

reddeadite2544d ago

Oh wow yay just what i need menu backrounds as dlc

HALODST2544d ago

menu backgrounds??.... day 1!!!

dangert122544d ago

Really? lol just because of that your getting It day one?...guess you'll spend more time In the menu's then actually playing the game If my estimations are right. lol

kesvalk2544d ago

DLC are becoming increasingly stupid, and i blame the games, that keep buying shit like that...

cvflyboy2544d ago

Now i have a 99th reason I'm not buying this BS game.

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