SPIKE VGA Game of the Year Nominees Announced; Something Seems Off...

Every year since 2003, Spike TV has held its annual Spike Video Game Awards, showcasing some of the best games and talent available in the industry. In past years, many huge games have had trailers debut at the awards ceremony, such as BioWare announcing Mass Effect 3 at last year's event. And like any awards ceremony, there's always one award that is fiercely fought over, and for Spike that would be the coveted “Game of the Year” award. However, this year around, the list of nominees seems a bit... controversial.

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zeal0us2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

There should of been more games for GOTY
Spike vga's always screwing up in some place.
They still don't got a proper MMO section.

Dante1122756d ago

Article wrote concerning Skyrim and Nintendo's Zelda game.

"However, the last two entries bring up a bit of a problem: neither one of these games have been released yet. Granted, when the event airs on Spike TV on December 10th, all of the titles will have been released, but the thing is... the polls for Game of the Year are currently open. All of the voting is done by the fans through Spike TV's website, and as a result some critics have called the list nothing more than a popularity contest."

Haha, if the people vote for GOTY again Zelda already won.

rawrockkillz2756d ago

The VGA's are huge joke anyways.

Felinox2755d ago

You're right but its still worth recording and fast fowarding through to see new game announcements. This is where Bethesda officialy announced Skyrim last year.

gotgame19852756d ago

how is gears of war 3 not in this list, they have games that are not even out and saying its a contender for game of the year.

Sizzon2755d ago

I agree, I believe Gears 3 should be on the list... seems odd, because Zelda and Skyrim isn't out yet.

sohaben2755d ago

Gears of war is in the same category as CoD and BF3. It the same thing. I understand the game is popular, but a semi annual game cant get game of the year amidst titles which have taken years to complete.

aviator1892755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Hmm, going by your logic, then Uncharted 3 shouldn't be on that list either.

There have been 3 Uncharted games this generation and 3 Gears of War games this generation. Or do you still want to stick to your statement?

morganfell2755d ago

Gears of War 3 deserves to be on that list. But then again, the VGAs are a joke in the first place.

Bigpappy2755d ago

It is all a farse. Most award shows are garbage (Movies, Music, Games...) it doesn't matter. They mean nothing to me. I would take game sales and the fact that fans still talk about its greatness years later, as the true legacy of a game. The latter being the most convincing.

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The story is too old to be commented.