11-11-11: Departing To Skyrim writes: "I've spent many years in the land of Morrowind embarking on a great adventure. It was a new world to my eyes and like nothing I had ever experienced before."

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Perjoss2752d ago

Took a week off work to fully enjoy this (and finish Batman and get jiggy with some Battlefield), bring it on!

JsonHenry2752d ago

I just put myself down for a vacation the week after it gets released so I can do the same.

Bigpappy2752d ago

If you spend a whole week playing it, then to go back to work, you will have a relapse. You will be thinking about that world like a teenage boy thinks about a girl after his first kiss.

Thats what happen to me with Morrowind. I would be at work talking to people about who I kill and why. My encounters and how I dealt with them.

Bolts2752d ago

I've taken a day off before. But an entire week? Come'on man. Thats too much. Save that for a real vacation.

FanboltGaming2752d ago

But a trip to Skyrim is a real vacation.

Perjoss2752d ago

"Save that for a real vacation."

I was thinking about it, but none of the destinations I was checking out allow you to chop people in half or slay dragons.

darkvenom2752d ago

going on vacation on the 13th just to enjoy me some skyrim. :)

MasterD9192751d ago

Looking forward to encountering a dragon.