Cave Story: Impossible in 3D but still better on 3DS

Cave Story 3D is probably the most responsive version of the game yet. Unfortunately, the 3D implementation is dreadful.

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THR1LLHOUSE2538d ago

I played the PC version wayyy back in the day...I seem to recall it being in Japanese, even. Am I thinking of the right thing?

Either way, I didn't really get into it and have always been meaning to give it another try.

Solidus187-SCMilk2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

maybe, if you were that little guy and started in a cave and talked to little bunny looking people you were playing cave story.

but when I played it about 2 years ago they had a translated version in ENglish. I love side scrollers, but this game really surprised me for how good it was for a free PC game.

Tolkoto2538d ago

I started this one WiiWare. Not sure why I stopped.

NagaSotuva2538d ago

What a mess. I'm so sick of gimmicky 3D.

MasterCornholio2537d ago

It's a very good thing that it's optional on the 3DS then. But yes I do agree with you that it's a gimmick.


SybaRat2538d ago

Is it really so hard to make tight control? I think not.

crazytown992538d ago

I was bad enough at this game in 2D.

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