Australian Attorney General renews calls for violent games ban

GameDynamo - "Some of you might recall the recent changes Australia’s making to its ratings system (which can be found below). Greg Smith, Attorney General for South Wales, has now gone public with the belief that violent games such as Grand Theft Auto should be banned outright."

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Dante1122760d ago

Australian gamers can't catch a break lol.

Ninjeska2759d ago

It's "New South Wales" not South Wales by the way :P
And yes, the system sucks and it drives us nuts.

Alos882759d ago

Just looking at his picture I can tell he's a frightened old man who fears his irrelevance in a world that no longer holds his outdated values.

ufo8mycat2759d ago

LOl @ Aust Government.

Do they realise you cannot stop people from playing R rated games?

Many many people simply import them.

Tommykrem2759d ago

Yeah, bans are rarely a good economical approach.

Alos882759d ago

That's why I was so pissed at this guy, he sounds like the kind of reactionary old fart that goes "I don't understand this, so it must be banned!"

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