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GamerFitNation Canada's Sharon gets her hands all over Sackboy as they explore Little Big Planet for the PS VITA. Looking for a little special something to give your sweetheart for Christmas? Thinking that he or she might really enjoy the comforts of the new Sony portable gaming device, the PS VITA, for the holidays? Well you're right but stop it! We all know that the Playstation Vita won't be around in North America in time for that! In fact the Vita won't even make an appearance in time for Valentine's Day. The new system will hit store shelves on February 22nd 2012. But let me tell you a little secret... it will be worth the wait.

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I can't wait for the Vita, and with LBP on it, its going to be awesome!

Dante1122756d ago

Man, I gotta get me one.

buddymagoo2756d ago

I'm trying to get one imported from Japan (Dec 17) but I can't find anyone that will ship to the UK. I think I might have to wait, it's just so difficult.

Angerfist2756d ago

Thats a Game i think will be perfect for Vita, Touchscreen will be very useful for creation stuff, maybe you can draw objects, that would be sweet.


Heck yeah!!! Plus don't for the the back touch screen

GirlyGamer2756d ago

This game is just made for a handheld. My must buy game

Ddouble2756d ago

The levels people will create on this are going to be crazy.

fredolopez2755d ago

Vita is gonna be so awesome!!

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