Skyrim PS3 Theme Planned, 'Hopes" For Release Next Week

Bethesda promises PlayStation 3 owners some Skyrim goodies and themes coming next week.

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Dante1122538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Nice. Can't wait for Skyrim to release. Just viewed the game recently and I'm surprised I didn't notice it earlier in the year.

Edit: Lol @ 360Ice

360ICE2538d ago

Yeah, I've been waiting for that theme all my life. It will drastically change the way we think of themes.

lifesanrpg2538d ago

Easily one of the most-anticipated games of the year. You found it just in time.

it's going to be great


Easily one of the most-anticipated themes of the year. You found it just in time. It's going to be great.

Avernus2538d ago

Very nice. Looking forward to this game.

Blacktric2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

"Bethesda promises PlayStation 3 owners some Skyrim goodies and themes coming next week"

Oh you guise didn't need to release goodies cause you gave us like tons of footage from the PS3 version of the game... Pff... The WORST marketing ever when it comes to PC and PS3 versions. I mean where are they? Why haven't we seen any? I know that Pete Hines said that they showed it without implying what versions they're taking from but come on. Even DICE showed the Xbox 360 version of BF 3 a month before release yet we're a week away from the release of Skyrim and there's nothing from the PS3 version AT ALL.

lance422538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Yea, that's pretty weird how no footage has been shown.

NukaCola2538d ago

No PS3 or PC footage, only a handful of PC screens and only 360 footage. However Bethesda says they are putting a lot into the PS3 version, so hopefully with the new Creation Engine (thanks God Gamebryo is dead) and a little Tender Lovin' Care, PS3 gamers will be done right. I would love some Avatars to go alone with some sweet Dynamic themes.

lifesanrpg2538d ago

Pete Hines claimed that the initial trailer released was a mix of PC and Xbox 360 footage. Don't know how true that was, he kind of got caught in a lie.

downflow3112538d ago

Don't expect gamebryo to be dead. According to Todd Howard himself, Skyrim is a "similar-tech" game. Creation is just modified Gamebryo.

But who cares, this game is all about atmosphere and an epic open world, it will look just fine.

MasterCornholio2538d ago

I really do hope they do a good job with the PS3 version because I only have a PS3 and my laptop is crap for games.

Doesn't anyone find it funny that both the standard and special edition of the game that they send to reviewers are the 360 version.


Roper3162538d ago

I was really hoping for some $10 horse armor or something

jobboy2538d ago

since no ps3 footage... i passed from a day one to waiting for reviews/players report. That's all

persistentlobster2538d ago

Got the CE for ps3 ordered on amazon. I'd say you're safe because the ps3 version of oblivion and fallout 3 were practically identical to the 360 version.

Blacktric2538d ago

Oblivion was ported by a third party company and Fallout 3 was a mess on PS3 both graphical and performance wise. New Vegas had better textures on PS3 but had absolutely no AA and had some crippling performance issues when its released while it ran better on the Xbox 360 but it was made by Obsidian so yeah... I wouldn't comfort myself before the game comes out really. I also preordered the PS3 version but I'm looking forward to comparisons and I hope Lens Of Truth releases theirs before the game comes out.

persistentlobster2538d ago


What are you talking about? Oblivion was not ported by a third party company and the ps3 version actually turned out to be superior over the 360 version, granted they had an extra year to smooth it out. And Fallout 3 looks identical on both platforms aside from a few glitches that were addressed shortly after launch. Fallout NV was made by Obsidian so that isn't even relevant.

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