Worst & Best Women In Video Games

Female characters in video games are a mixed bag. Here are the five worst offenders, followed by five of our favorites.

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Godmars2902755d ago

threat the universe had ever seen and the cause of billions of deaths, I'm sure they would've considered going that extra mile to give her a hand."

Um, no. Actually that was pretty much the reason Mengsk left her behind, as part of his research on the Zerg. Sure he would have put a bullet in her skull himself if he had realized what exactly he'd done, but then he'd likely do it the exact same thing to someone else.

Now if Raynor had had a heads up to what was going down...

SeraphimBlade2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I can understand putting Bayonetta in the "worst" list, but then turning around and putting the bland Lara Croft and Resident Evil women in "best?" No. Not happening. *groan* this is one of those "sexuality = evil" lists isn't it

The thing about Bayonetta's sexualization is that it actually fits the game and her character for several reasons. Obviously, it adds to the over-the-top factor, but that's not all. She's fighting back against a rival, puritanical religion. All the poses and sexy behavior, that's another way of fighting them for her. And for the game to be "sexist," for me, it would depict women as weak. Bayonetta is anything but. Her motherly and sisterly qualities, seen in her interactions with Cezary and Jeanne are actually her biggest strengths. It's not sexist, just sexy, and there's a place for that and Bayonetta knows it's in that place. For me, the far worse crimes are games that are supposed to be mature and realistic, but keep giving guys eye candy anyway. (Morrigan in Dragon Age, Miranda and Jack in Mass Effect, the list goes on)

And Yorna. Again, I see where they're coming from, but I saw Yorna as the type of person who had given up hope for so long, she didn't really know how to fight back. Yeah, she's a little annoying as a gameplay element, but something about her just made her worth saving.

And Lara Croft? Not a good female character. A good female character, to me, is one that you cannot picture being a guy instead. (ignoring obligatory romances and sexy outfits) If you take away the female part, you'd pretty much have the same character. In fact, you'd have a british Nathan Drake. And that actually sounds pretty awesome.

And the Resident Evil women? They're... okay... Nothing really "BEST EVER"-worthy though.

Tuxedo_Mask2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Soul Caliber:

Despite her choice of wardrobe, Ivy is a female character that I find to be much stronger and more likable than a lot of male characters in games these days. The other Soul Caliber girls also have a lot more depth to them than other female characters.

Just because they dress a certain way or have certain physical attributes doesn't mean they can't be good representations of women. Not to mention the character editor allows you to make them put on a sweater if you choose to do so.


If she could take care of herself then what would be the point of the game? Monkey has to carry Trip around in Enslaved, but I don't see her on the list.


One of the biggest turnoffs for me in this game wasn't how sexual Bayonetta is but how worthless the male characters were in the game. They could have just left them out and no one would have missed them. As for how Bayonetta herself acted, I've dated girls who acted worse than that in public. Not everyone is as inhibited as everyone else.


She's the equivalent to a cursor. Her only purpose was to help players through the game and yet she gets all this attention.

Princess Peach:

Every game has to have a goal. Traditional fairy tales always have had damsels in distress that were saved by princes. You might as well have put Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine on the list with her.

Elena Fisher:

Indiana Jones did it first. She's a stereotype too though, since even though she's a tough girl, she still basically just Drake's love interest.

Alyx Vance:

I like her, but she gets into trouble pretty easily herself and has to rely on Gordon to save her multiple times. She is a uniquely designed character though, and Freeman should consider himself lucky she prefers the strong, silent type.

Sarah Kerrigan:

Wicked Witch of the West, or more closely Queen Bavmorda. Had they known what she would turn into they wouldn't have just left her for dead, they would have made sure she was dead before they left.

Lara Croft:

How strange considering her history. If I remember right she was the first female character to have a rumored "nude code".

The Women of Resident Evil:

I can't say much against this, although Sheva's unlockable bikini seems to go against the trend on the choices here. I'd have picked Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3 instead.

tarbis2755d ago

Where's Chun Li or even Mai Shiranui?

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