Saints Row on the GTA ‘Rivalry’: “Saints Row is the game that people really want”

@XG247: So we spoke to the game's Lead Designer, Scott Phillips, and he pretty much said that Saints Row is now the game that people really want.

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Trainz2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I'm not one of those guys that call every sandbox game a gta clone but saints row IS a gta clone.
They admitted themselves that their franchise was born from gta's over the top gameplay style.
And now that gta has decided to move on and push the sandbox genre to new heights, saints row is just ripping off their previous play style and all the things that made gta successful and calling it their own.
They even have the nerve to tell people to 'forget gta'!
Volition should be begging rockstar not to sue them for copyright.

NYC_Gamer2540d ago

they will be watching close to figure out whats the next idea they could steal from the GTA franchise

irepbtown2539d ago

With GTA V in development I'd love to see how Saints row will do. Especially as GTA will be much larger than RDR, and that was enormous. R* confirmed GTA V is their 'biggest game ever'.

Joule2540d ago

“Saints Row is the game that people really want”


Dante1122540d ago

GTA vs Saints Row rivalry? This gon be good.

XGN_Alex2540d ago

It's always healthy to have a sibling rivalry :P

XGN_Alex2540d ago

Wait for EA to cotton on and then they'll release their own take on this 'genre'.

vortis2539d ago

Already did. Called The FailFather.

It failed...just like it's name.

NEW-AGE2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

"True Crime: Streets of LA is the game Nobody Wants" mercenaries, Just Cause, Scarface the Game,

2pacalypsenow2539d ago

sue what? so Id should sue EA,Activision etc. Polyphony should sue Turn 10?? Saints row is what GTA used to be fun

NYC_Gamer2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

GTA4 was fun for me and many others.....if you like to around with non focused story/gameplay and pick up dildos then fine buy saints row by all means......i am happy that R* will be taking the more realism approach in 5 while letting the silly stuff be optional.

jeeves862539d ago

I play video games to escape from the real world.

vickers5002539d ago

"i am happy that R* will be taking the more realism approach"

Have fun bowling/playing darts/going on virtual dates/hanging out with virtual friends then.

ape0072539d ago

they lost a huge chunk of respect when they said

"forget about gta"


ShoryukenII2539d ago

I agree. I am one of the people that want to see CoD crash and burn and I love Battlefield. I don't believe the two can peacefully coexist. But I did think that Saints Row and GTA could. No more. I want this silly garbage to burn with CoD and Bobby Kotick. No one insults my GTA! >:(

ape0072539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

i agree with u but the thing is I love CoD LOL

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Wizziokid2540d ago

two different types of game imo

Saints Row is over the top action with an arcade style and goofy mini-games, characters

GTA is a more realistic take.

why not get both?

TenSteps2539d ago


but according to most gamers logic what you're saying is inconceivable.

RioKing2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

It's what??

vortis2539d ago

Two different types of games? Not really, Saints Row is the same thing just not as good and more juvenile.

Also, Saints Row is best summed up by EGM as a "Soulless version of GTA". The city just feels like it's there for me to pillage and murder but not much else.

Your main character is just a homicidal maniac and nothing more. After playing The Ballad of Gay Tony there is really no reason to ever go back to Saints Row. Although I admit that airplane sequence in the third game looked kind of was only mildly ruined by the main character's douchiness.

TenSteps2539d ago

I have to disagree, they are as of now two different games. The first two Saints Row games were the same but like Wizziokid mentions one is more realistic while the other is more arcadey.

It'll be like comparing NBA 2K12 with NBA Jam.

The only thing that's the same from the footage I've seen of SR3 is that it's open world, set in a more or less modern city, you're a criminal. Everything else is different. The closest comparison would be for SR3rd to San Andreas given than San Andreas along with the awesome story had room for silliness as well but even then the silliness in SR3 is way off the charts in comparison.

Thrungus2540d ago

Yeah, they're completely different games by this point. Can't complain mind.

Pikajew2540d ago

I can play both. I am not forced to choose one of them

Kostchtchie2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Gta for adult story and nothing else


sc for its over the top story, crazy gameplay and tonnes of content....

mmm hard choice NOT

people can call it how they like but the bottom line is sc is doing what the people want and what r* did before they went pushing a movie sandbox game, with no decent side content

BUY BOTH if you love sandbox games

Bleach2539d ago

Rockstar innovate, Volition Copy.

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