Download Modern Warfare 3 for PC Now

Customers can now pre-purchase, download and install a PC Download copy of Modern Warfare 3 directly from, without the hassle of standing in line for hours outside their local video game retailer next week. This means that when the clock strikes midnight on 11.8.11, Amazon customers can begin playing the game the minute it is released.

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JimmyJames702756d ago

Makes me wish I was a PC gamer!

lugia 40002756d ago

To play Modern Warfare 3?
Eh, no ty.

ATi_Elite2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I laugh every time I see a Wal-mart commercial and their "Fastest way to play slogan".

at the stroke of Midnight I'll be at home playing while other gamers will be standing in line waiting for a new register to open or worse standing behind some moron haggling over a coupon worth 2 cent off on some damaged clearance item.

PC is truly the fastest way to play.

*edit* you can burn all your digital games to a disk for those who want physical media. I do not understand why people think you can't do that? PLUS Steam will let you re-download your entire library for free if say for instance your HDD blows up!

zero_gamer2756d ago

For all its worth I am ready for the leap from physical media to digital downloading. I will miss having my bookshelves full of colorful boxes but I can also live without that.

Anyway, I like this idea of pre-downloading games for instant midnight launch play.

RyanDJ2756d ago

This is much better than the whole console thing going on. Aren't people who somehow got an early copy getting ban issues on XBL right now? I haven't read much, but I wonder if that even is affecting the press...

I prefer physical media, but I have to say, prerelease timelock midnight play is a pretty neat marketing play!