Bioshock Infinite: The People Behind Booker and Elizabeth video Part 2- 8bitfix

8bitfix writes: Last week we brought you the first video in The People Behind Booker and Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite. The voice of Booker Dewitt, Troy Baker, and the voice of Elizabeth, Courtnee Draper, shared their experience of working as these characters and working with Ken Levine.

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Uomoz872544d ago

Love them both, and all the effort they put to bring Liz and Booker to life.

Crazyglues2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Wow she's amazing, I really am amazed at what it took to get that...

I mean I always thought the voice acting was just epic, the best I've ever heard in a video game, but I never really knew why it was so good...

I just thought it was the dynamic of the old guy trying to help a little girl, but what it really is - is that her voice acting is epic.. you feel the pain in her voice, you feel the emotion..

She nails it.. It's just done so well..

This game is going to be amazing, it's really going to impress gamers and they won't even understand why it's so good...

This voice acting will be a big part of it... Absolutely Amazing Job...

Day One Buy for Me... Day One...


qwertyz2544d ago

the graphics look amazing one of the best I've seen on consoles but the pc version will be the best though The director once said his new engine is designed to take better advantage of pc as well as take full advantage of consoles