GameInformer Preview - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Review

Phil Kollar: It’s still two weeks until the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and I can’t post the full review until next week. Since our December issue will be in subscribers' hands soon, though, we wanted to share our score and a few impressions here rather than let it get spoiled for you on some forum.

Here’s the big news: Skyward Sword is one of those rare treasures, a 10/10 game. In fact, it’s the first 10 that I’ve ever given out in my two years at Game Informer. While you’ll have to wait until next week to read my full review and see all the reasons why, here are a few paragraphs to get you started.

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Pikajew2538d ago

The game looks so good and fun. It will be the GOTY, no one saw coming

-Alpha2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I agree. And you know what, at the end of the day, the games that I enjoy most are the ones I never had any expectations for

I always feel hype really kills a game because they never deliver on all promises and expectations. There's always that 1 game that slips by you and catches you off guard, Skyward Sword is really looking to be one of them

Danteh2538d ago

WIN!! I knew it, Skyward Sword will be this years GOTY! (and this is probably the best year in gaming... ever)

@pikajew no one saw that coming? not if you are a new-gen gamer, but this is ZELDA for gods sake :P

Danteh2538d ago

@alpha seriously how can you be "caught off guard" by one of the biggest franchises in gaming? :O

DigitalAnalog2537d ago

I saw it coming.. a mile away!

ABizzel12537d ago

I'm rooting for Zelda and Uncharted for GOTY. I won't be upset if either lose, but they are my 2 favorite video franchises of all time.

If I want an action packed thrill ride, Uncharted is it (and God of War a close 2nd)

If I want to get lost in a fantasy world, Zelda is it.

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theonlylolking2537d ago

Zelda is going to get 8+ scores because it is zelda, not because it is good. Zelda is a 6 game at its best. Mario makes zelda eat its dirt when it comes to quality and sales.

Game3s2537d ago

Have you ever played a Zelda game?

ronin4life2537d ago

Oh, lol king, you make me lol with your silliness....
Zelda is a great franchise. If you don't like them, don't play them.
But just because you don't like Zelda that dosen't mean it deserves lower scores from critics.

meganick2537d ago

It's funny how comments like this always come from people with only one bubble.

AWBrawler2537d ago

lol wow! I hate GTA and God of War, but I know they're good games, just not my style. lolking went a bit overboard

SnipeySnake2535d ago

Yeah you definitely sound like you've never EVER played a zelda game before.

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Drake1172537d ago

Lol really you didn't see this coming? what do u live under a rock. Zelda was destined for atleast a GOTY candidate regardless if it was better than the last, worst than the last, best game ever, or a let down. People will completely ignore the flaws in games like zelda and mario just because they are zelda and mario. Sorry i just said something you people don't want to hear.

AWBrawler2537d ago

They don't ignore the flaws. If anything they're more critical because they expect more from them. Reviewers are always nagging about lack of voice acting or repeated dungeon, get item, fight boss style.

The thing is that the positives usually outweigh the flaws. Could you imagine what score that Zelda shown at E3 would get if it had voice acting, cinematic cut scenes, undid zelda cliches, and was all around perfect???

Drake1172537d ago

Ya but its not all around perfect and this guy just gave it a 10/10 point proven.

AWBrawler2537d ago

what game is perfect. you just cherry picked that one line out and proved nothing

Drake1172536d ago

Im just trying to say people don't downgrade the game for those reasons at all, they just ignore them. Pretty much every game that comes out today would be severely downgraded for not having voice acting, not having hd graphics, having the same repetitive gameplay and story. And btw im not a zelda hater i will be getting this day 1 im just trying to make a point.

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Titanz2538d ago

Did anyone one else get a "restriction" for approving this article?

This place is ridiculously bias towards anyone who doesn't worship, "Sony".

-Alpha2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

What are you talking about? Maybe you got banned, try to approve something else?

No one should be approving this anyway, not until the submitter gets rid of the PS3 and 360 tags

ronin4life2537d ago

Alpha, I've seen plenty of Sony stories with Nintendo tags on them over the years.

GameTavern2537d ago

Hey, I got one as well! Get to sit on the time-out table for a bit.

LordMegatron2538d ago

This game is going to be amazing

Alos882538d ago

I refuse to read up on this game, it's one of the few I've had to willpower to resist reading too much about so it will be an entirely new experience for me when I play it.

MasterCornholio2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Visuals are poor compared to many games this year. But who cares it's Zelda which is always a blast to play. This ga me will get some awards for sure.

BTW if I buy a used Wii should I get the special edition of this game with a nunchuck or should I buy a Wii new and just get the standard edition?


Theyellowflash302537d ago

I disagree about the visuals. I think they are actually quite good. Actually having the game in front of your face is a much better way to see Skyward Sword's graphics.

MasterCornholio2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Im pretty sure that once the WiiU comes out it will provide better graphics than both the PS3 and 360. But I fail to see how Skyward Swords meets today's standard of visuals. But that really really isn't a reason to buy the game it's the story and gameplay that more than makes up for its failings in the graphics department. However if you said that the game has a very good art style then I would agree with you.


GameTavern2537d ago

I think from a technical standpoint point, obviously it doesn't live up.

But from an artistic style, its one of the better looking games this year to me at least (Rayman is still king!)

ronin4life2537d ago

I don't like the whole graphics holdup the industry seems to be stuck on. But then again, I simply don't get it.
Take halo. I hate the graphics in halo 2. But most people still think they are an improvement over the original, which I do like, because of the upgraded tech.
The specs and power don't matter to me: only the end result. Which is why halo 1 looks "better" than halo 2, and why this new zelda looks better to me than skyrim, for example.

batguyz2537d ago

Right on,the visuals are artistic and great for a wii game.i dont know why people put visuals before content,maybe because visuals is the first thing they see.There are so many games this generation that have better visuals but dont deliver on content.i think people should look at skyward sword not from a visual point of view first but more of content or look at it as a whole game.look at mario galaxy.
i think skyward sword is a great game,the graphics,art skyle and game play seem to add up and that to me is GOTY contender.

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Admiralsombrero2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

How can you compare a wii games graphics to xbox & ps3 graphics, it makes no sense to me. Skyward Sword may not be as graphically good looking as Uncharted, but the art style, and the graphical techniques they use, makes look better in my eyes.

Also, just so you know, the the special edition comes with gold wii remote plus, not an nunchuck.

schlanz2537d ago

Art direction matters more than HD resolution.

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