GTA5 – what do we expect from the next Grand Theft Auto?

Playstation MAG - I’m going out on a limb here to say no, but with good reason. LA Noire, the first game to use Depth Analysis’ facial capture system took up a lot of disk space – some 22.9GB of data in fact. A game the size and scale of GTA V would need huge amounts of facial capture – a cast the size of the average Grand Theft game would surely exceed LA Noire’s 400 actors (if you throw in all the extras, side missions and NPCs).

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Trainz2757d ago

I want facial animations in every single rockstar game from here on in.
They revolutionized the gaming industry before with GTA3 and now they have done it again with LA Noire and it would be a damn shame if they just scrap it because of the circumstances with team bondi.

ATi_Elite2757d ago

I just want more sleazy HOOKERS! maybe some new Strippers and the option to run an Escort service as a side mission.

I'm sure Rockstar will deliver a "happy ending" as usual.

irepbtown2756d ago

As long as this is true:

And if you can ride a BMX like in GTA:SA, I cannot ask for anything else. It will literally be the perfect game.

CaptainMarvelQ82756d ago

Not a chance,following the news about how much time and money it took LA Noire to finish with this new tech;I'm very skeptical about R* using it any time soon.Beside that it serves no purpose in GTA as it was only made for LA Noire's style of missions.

NYC_Gamer2756d ago

i agree,that facial tech would be perfect for GTA5

ATi_Elite2755d ago

actually Half Life 2 was the first game with detailed character facial expressions.

LA Noire just made it an integral part of game play where as HL2 was characters reacting to situations that added to graphical detail.

pretty much the same tech to do the G-man facial expressions is what LA Noire has but just evolved.

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yess2756d ago

I expect it to be good....

YodaCracker2756d ago

The same incredible level of detail in the environments, the most realistic and believable open world city, groundbreaking physics, unrivaled production values and polish, and an insane amount of depth to the game's world.

Same as GTA IV, except even larger and more ambitious. I'm ready to be blown away again, Rockstar!

fooltheman2756d ago

And it should be as fun as gta: SA

Alos882756d ago

I hope they greatly lower the cost of the better weapons, it was no fun stocking up on weaponry knowing that you couldn't get the money back easily after a killing spree went wrong.

SH0CKW4VE2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I expect it to be as fun as Vice City & San Andreas and not as gray, lame and boring as GTA IV

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