Playstation MAG - Borderlands 2 Preview

Playstation MAG - Gearbox never did things conventionally with Borderlands. The Mad Max-inspired desert planet shooter featured cel-shaded visuals several years after everyone got fed up with them.

It had a modular weapon system enabling thousands of combinations. (Shotgun grenade-launcher? Don’t mind if I do.) And it was populated not by brave space marines, but by no-good ferret-faced losers who just wanted to steal stuff and get rich.

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aim4daface2539d ago

OMG I can't decide!Which game I want more,and G.BOX is involved with both of em!Then thereons Syndicate,I hope everyone young and oldish(33 aint bad,lol)is as excited as me for the 2012 releases,oh ya lest we forgot Spartan 117 shall once again grace us with his presence,GO GAMING!Well I forgot to say Aliens colonial marines,so for anyone who hasn't seen,I think this one's going to be GREAT!