Why you should buy Skyrim, not Modern Warfare 3

OXM's Edwin explains why you should gun for Skyrim, not the new Modern Warfare next week. Hit the link for a rebuttal from fellow OXM writer Matt.

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Trainz2542d ago

I can't believe a piece of rehashed sh*t is going to destroy skyrim in sales.
WTF is wrong with you brainless peer pressured bast*rds!

ATi_Elite2542d ago

Cause MW3 will be sold the only thing left will be Skyrim? what you wanna buy!

Yi-Long2542d ago

... but I wouldn't buy Skyrim forfull price on the first day either, because in 12-18 months I'll pick up the GOTY for 20 bucks orso.

Yi-Long2542d ago

... but I rather wait a while and then spend 20 bucks on a game plus ALL the DLC, instead of spending close to a hundred bucks if I buy it now and then pick up all the DLC...

There are so many great games already out and in the bargainbins, that I won't be bored anyway. So many great games are NOW in the bargain bins for only 10-20 bucks NEW, that I rather pick those gems up.

-Gespenst-2542d ago

Yeah, buy what YOU want to buy. Not what Activision has made you THINK you want to buy.

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MariaHelFutura2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Who cares what sells more? When the 7th COD game of this generation launches, Ill still be playing Skyrim. I still play Oblivion......

Blackdeath_6632542d ago

not really skyrims sales will not be affected by MW3 because it is safe not say that most people who like skyrim dont like MW3 and most people who do like MW3 dont like skyrim. that is also the reason why both games should NOT be compared, they have different fans and they are of different genre.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2542d ago

Though I agree that they are different games, saying that if you like one you probably won't like the other is an EXTREME generalization.

Blackdeath_6632542d ago

i didnt mean to generalise i just based it on the fact that they are of different genres and that fans of a certain genre would be intrested in games within that genre. im not talking specificaly im just stating that roughly that would be the case more often than not.

kennyboy2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

rehashed? and you got 8 agrees for that, anyone that says that mw3 is "rehashed" or agrees with it are nothing but trolls and never have anything to back up their comments with in saying its the "same" or "rehashed"

yet skyrim has nothing new AND its a fictional game so thats even worse

below, thats not naive, i have played ever call of duty since cod2 and from what i have seen of mw3 theres no way its the same or rehashed, its 100% truth

MariaHelFutura2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Are you serious? If you are thats hilarious....

If you like COD more thats one thing....what you just said is plain nieve.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2542d ago

Though I do like the MW series and am getting MW3, I honestly don't see how fictional games = bad games. Also Skyrim changed a lot from Oblivion.

Awesome-Xanto2542d ago

This has to be the most dumbest comment I have ever read...

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gillri2542d ago

errm you dont have to tell me, I know that already

Im probably will get MW3 too may games out at the moment and will wait for it

Pikajew2542d ago

You can get both. You don't have a gun pointed at your head allowing to choose one or the other

ATi_Elite2542d ago

what if your the son a of a drug cartel leader who's been kidnapped by a rival drug cartel and taken to the store to buy just one game to play while you wait for your ransom to be paid.......

You would most certainly have a gun pointed at which game would you choose?

Pikajew2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

MW3. because I found Oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV boring and couldn't get into them.

Also I don't have a son and never will because I hate kids

PinchoVe2542d ago

MW3, so i could tell someone in multiplayer to send help! D:

hardandsloppy2542d ago

You were a kid at one point, how can u hate kids, so basically you hated yourself?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2542d ago

That's why you call an emo my friend. ;P

TheMutator2542d ago

sorry but my money is on Skyrim

MasterCornholio2542d ago

A typical FPS that focuses on multiplayer. Or a great RPG with a huge open world with over 300 hours of stuff to do.

I choose Skyrim


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