GTA V: What We Know So Far (

In depth analysis of the GTA V trailer, and the information available at the present time.

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Antholex2757d ago

I'm really hoping Rockstar have something special planned for GTA V. Based on the trailer it seems as though that might just be true.

Bereaver2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Which is exactly why I'm getting tired of these articles. Don't get me wrong.... I love GTA. And I'm so glad they gave us something and speculation is swarming like angry bees.

But they just keep going on and on. lol

Terrylucy2757d ago

For some reason, I really didn't like GTA IV, so I hope this reignites my love for the franchise in the same way the Vice City did.

Chug2756d ago

I really wonder how many of these articles we need...

swishersweets200312756d ago

latest rumor i heard was its only going to be one big city, with sections of los santos, vinewood, and a outskirts area.

If thats true then they dropped the ball for me and lost a sale.