Grand Theft Auto V trailer vs Real Life [VID]

"Here’s an interesting videothat shows some pretty good comparisons between the clips shown in the GTA V trailer and real life photos, both taken from similar locations. Not all of them are completely accurate, but they give you a taste of just how good looking GTA V actually looks. Not just good, in fact- authentic."

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WarStar2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

its not somthing new
we already saw GTA IV Mods

totally failed
the game look better

Bits-N-Kibbles2757d ago

The point of the video was to show similar locations between real life and the game. Not to compare graphics and which looks better.

Traison2757d ago

at least use high res pictures... appreciate the effort but man that wasn't even a contest for the game to beat.

Madusha2757d ago

Mods will heavily improve the graphics after release so it only gets better.

DeadManMcCarthy2757d ago

Yep GTA V's graphics already look better than default GTA IV's graphics so with mods it will look even better.

WarStar2757d ago

exlusive for pc
its sound good when PC get exlusive thing like this

Lirky2757d ago

I think Pc should get an "Offical game pad" like how consoles have a default game pad. Because still this day in age some ppl would play gta iv with a keyboard and mouse and would do the same with gta v.