Battlefield 3 New Game Mode, New Way To Unlock, And Much More!

Today DICE released a plethora of new information of things to come for Battlefield 3 through their Battlefield Blog. Thinks including Fixes, to more info on Back to Karkand, and much more. There are some announcements, and some statements. And some of these things I'm sure you want to see.

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Lavitz20122759d ago

^^This i hope Dice can keep delivering more expansions like this.

alexmac2759d ago

they might, or might not.

awi59512759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

i wonder whats in the physical warfare pack maybe some more old bf maps.

ExCest2758d ago

I dunno

Did u google it?

(do it)

thedarkvault2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Well "new" game mode is just an old game mode from previous titles, but it's still gonna be awesome. Basically it is conquest but instead of 2 uncappable bases with all flags uncapped at the start it goes this way: one team starts with an uncappable main base while the other has no uncappable main base but starts with all the flags on their side. If team without an uncap loses all bases then they can't spawn anymore so remaining team mates have to cap one or they lose.

Shackdaddy8362759d ago

Ya. Playing CA was the best thing ever in BF2...

Spenok2759d ago

That sounds like a pretty sweet mode. Sounds like it would be frantic and exciting. I can imagine there would be a LOT better teamwork involved in this mode as well.

alexmac2759d ago

Assault is back! yess!

StayStatic2759d ago

Awesome stuff , but still no info on the dino mode stuff yet dice ;) ?

alexmac2759d ago

haha. I love how like people actually think it will happen. It wad just a joke, and its a shooter, not a rpg...

Spenok2759d ago

He did wink at the end there if you didn't notice. That "question" was a joke response to a joke....

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