Fangwheel: The War of the Worlds Review (XBLA)

Booth from Fangwheel writes:
"The absolute staple and beginning of all video game adventure and platforming games started with the basic 2D side-scroller. Everything from Atari to Sega had a platformer for their system, and while they were the mainstay of gaming systems for nearly twenty years, the advent of the 16 bit systems took gaming to a whole new level. Gone are the days past where 2D was all you needed; now cutting edge technology is on the verge of 4D televisions in high definition while burning your eardrums out in surround sound that can rival the volume of a heavy metal concert. But what if you could jump back in time and play it all over again? I’ll tell you it’s built with next gen technology, using a 123 year old novel as a storyline and developed by a group of diehard classic gaming enthusiasts. Still interested? Thought you were. Get your game face on, and let’s see if The War of the Worlds from Other Ocean Interactive will stand tall in the face of a full scale Ma...

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