IGN - Why Skyward Sword Is The Best Zelda Yet

Keza: "Ask people which is their favourite Zelda game, and you'll almost always get the same answer. There will always be the odd Wind Waker or Majora's Mask maverick in there, but the overwhelming majority will tell you that it's Ocarina of Time. It doesn't matter whether they're 16 or 35. Ocarina of Time's shadow looms so large over every later Zelda game that they've had to work extremely hard to distinguish themselves; Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks did it with that cartoonish art style, where Twilight Princess made a slightly less confident foray into novelty with its wolfish Link."

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StraightPath2756d ago

wow..this could be amazing.

schlanz2756d ago

Will be... Not could be

Wizziokid2756d ago

time to dust of the wii

Pikajew2756d ago

I don't have a favorite Zelda. I love them all. To bad we don't have more games like it, except Okami.

--Onilink--2756d ago

This game looks really amazing, i cant wait for it to launch. Anyone who thought this wasnt GOTY contender should rethink its candidates

2EHO2756d ago

It probably deserves the title but this gen is all about HD graphics that alone is why it won't win. Sad!

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