7.0 Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Wii Review

``Kirby has always been Nintendo’s little pink experiment. In his past endeavours the little puffball has been a sphere guided by paintbrush strokes, transformed into a ball of yarn and split into numerous copies. It’s hard to believe it has already been 11 years since the last traditional Kirby game, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Nintendo has finally given the little guy a break and allowed him to return to his roots. Will this new undertaking soar to great heights or deflate to the bottomless pits of Dream Land?``

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Raimond2542d ago

Great review. It's back to its roots. Just wish they wouldn't treat it as such a "B" or even "C" franchise.

maniacmayhem2542d ago

I feel the same way about Kirby. He seems to have all the power of a big platformer franchise as Mario. Yet his games seem to release close to when the system is on its last leg.