New SSX Pre-Order Incentive Revealed

The forthcoming SSX revival is set to be one of the early highlights of 2012, with many gamers expected to hit the slopes with Electronic Arts all over again. Building anticipated for the videogame, the publisher has revealed a new pre-order incentive that fans of the series won’t want to miss.

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bozebo2541d ago

I loved SSX3 but none of the others. I wouldn't trust them enough to preorder the new SSX even though it should be good judging by what I have seen so far.

Canary2541d ago

They went with the whole, "SSX + Call of Duty" thing, right?

That... that didn't work out too well for Ace Combat.

TheBossMan2541d ago

No, it's basically SSX3 with additional racing aspects, a richer tricking experience, and the addition of the survival "boss battles." If you liked SSX3, you'll most likely love this.

Aery2541d ago

I already love this SSX, I don't need incentive, but a great game and will be mine at day one !

KonaBro2541d ago

one of the 5 picked to go to Vancouver to see the making of SSX at their studio but had to decline because I was in Korea at the time. To make up for it, one of the managers decided they would give me a free copy of the Collector's Edition when the game comes out next year. :D