Defining Mario's Legacy: Squashing Goombas, Grabbing Mushrooms

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Super Mario 3D Land finally arrives on 3DS November 13, and we can't help but wonder what its long-standing impact will be.

As it turns out, all of the primary Mario titles have made a mark on gaming. Granted, some were bigger than others, but each one played a role in defining the series and/or the industry as a whole.

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ATi_Elite2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Mario who's goes by the street alias "Paper Mario" has these overlooked items to add to his legacy.

1. Drug addict/ drug dealer......addicted to Mushrooms and X.
2. Animal abuser and number one offender on PETA's list of bad people.
3. cross dresser
4. a PIMP who is known to fight with another Pimp Bowser over their prized Ho Ms. Toadstool who goes by her stripper stage name "Princess Peach".
5. Performance Enhancement Drug /Steroid user to enhance his "Super Mario" persona.
6. sold out his mentally challenged brother for his own selfish fame and fortune
7. and put his own father "Wario" into one of the worst retirement homes ever.
8. Racist.....Mario portrays the stereotypical Italian/American plumber but word on the street is Mario is really from Canada.
9. was also caught "Faping" in the same theater as Pee Wee Herman but got off. Mario black mailed the mayor with hi res photos of the mayor smoking crack with Princess peach thus leading to the moniker "3D Mario"

I say Mario's legacy is that of a megalomaniac drug dealing pimp who has abused the system and everyone around him to achieve fame and fortune.