Battlefield 3 DLC details leaked?

EA is soon to announce the next DLC pack for Battlefield 3, industry sources have informed BeefJack – and it’s set to take the battle to one of the most iconic cities in the world.

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Huarle2754d ago

I wouldn't trust a site that still thinks the upcoming expansion is called "Back to Karkland"

Trainz2754d ago

You honestly think that?
Well I humbly disagree.

MasterD9192754d ago

New York would be amazing...! Seems like its just in time for MW3 too funny enough...If they released a whole pack of purely NY maps I would be amazed.

I would also love to see a purely snow map with snowmobiles & tanks.

Cosmit2754d ago

And they better have Snow!, now.

Ghoul2753d ago

i wanna have it now, now.

Avernus2754d ago

I'm loving BF3 atm. I'm at 45(02) and I can't stop playing it. I bought every CoD since CoD 4, but this year I won't be be playing MW 2.5.

Bring on the maps DICE!

Aggesan2753d ago

Great with more dlc, but please not new york! That city has been done too many times. Hell, just these last few months ive already been there a few times in various games.

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