10 hours in Skyrim: Will the game live up to the hype?

Fans of RPGs and the Elder Scroll series are eagerly waiting to know if Skyrim will live up to mammoth hype. I have been playing the game for the last two days spending over 10 hours exploring the world of Skyrim, killing bandits and mythical creatures, completing quests and revealing the game’s secrets. So as a fan of RPGs and the Elder Scrolls series, I have been asking myself one question during my time with the game: Is Skyrim as good as we want it to be?

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immortal842755d ago

Good preview. I can't wait to play the game. I hope I like it as much I liked dark Souls.

Bigpappy2755d ago

Immortal wrote: "I hope I like it as much I liked dark Souls."

If you are expecting Skyrim to be anything like Dark Souls, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Dark Souls is a linear RPG with AI placed as obstacles for you to progress or reach rewarding loot. It feels like it has chapters with Boss Fights at the end of each.

Skyrim is an Elder Scrolls Game: Completely opened (You build the character of your choice and head out into the world in the direction of your choice); you can complete avoid most fights if you choose to play that way and you have more options in how you choose to fight; Oblivion has batter systems and many more NPC's to interact with, who are not alway standing or sitting in the same spot.

I think that is enough. I don't need to go any farther to show that Dark Souls and Skyrim are not the same type of RPG and that DS only challenges skyrims is on tiny area (Melee Combat). Even that is is not is up for debate as Skyrim is based more on your choice, that the weapon itself.

Saladfax2755d ago

Naturally, it's entirely impossible for an individual to enjoy both games. Take note that immortal made no implication of massive similarity between the two.

No, it's obvious the two games are different. However, they do share more common than, say, Battlefield 3 and Dark Souls.

jrbeerman112754d ago

i wouldnt say dark souls is "linear" as much is it resembles metroid and castlevania games with its open world with blocked off parts that eventually open. so its a little bit linear and open at same time.

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Ren_2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Page won't load for me :(

EDIT: loaded now. Had to wait a while though.

Very scant on detail for having played 10hrs :( I suppose it may be due to the NDA being in effect still for reviewers :P

Ren_2755d ago

Silly me. I meant embargo. Not NDA.

Veni Vidi Vici2755d ago

His answer to whether the game will live up to the hype is, "I guess so"? Really? Doesn't sound too convincing. Also, this is my third time reading about people not liking the combat system for melee. I'm getting a bit concerned about that.

Captain Qwark 92755d ago

i have read that a few times too, but the thing is they also state they didn't like melee in oblivion. maybe im alone here but i loved oblivions combat, felt great to me and if they say this is better than its going to be great for me at least.

i did just finish dark souls a couple weeks ago though so it has more competition now than ever before.....either way i couldn't be more pumped

digitalkid2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I guess you're right.
If someone prefer more arcade-style combat like in Dark Souls or Witcher2, then maybe they won't like what TES have to offer.

You just can't dodge here and have to face the enemy. They won't be stunned by your attacks (unless you use two-handed), so that you can swing them farther. Now, when you can't run backwards it's even harder. Even shield cant help against bigger enemies.

Thats why many prefer playing thief or mage. Try to use mix of stealth, alchemy and magic. Straight attack was never easy in TES, so I guess that's why this guy didn't like it.


Captain Qwark 92755d ago

yeah like i said i enjoy the combat and i love getting in the face of an enemy and trading blows, tossin up my shield and countering, etc....never been one to run in this game and if you play good enough you should never have all about melle in ES always have been although i dabble in a little destruction as well but not much

Xenial2755d ago

Exact same thing i was thinking when i read that. It's a yes or no question. Not a "I guess so". -_-

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