DC Universe Online servers crashing after move to free-to-play

XMNR: The greatest villain in DC Universe Online is not Brainiac or Lex Luthor apparently. No, the thing that brought the superhero MMORPG on the PS3 and PC down is the overwhelming demand placed on the servers after the move to free-to-play, as the game's executive producer explained Thursday night.

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Nate-Dog2755d ago

Heh I'm not surprised, I'm still downloading mine (at around 50% after 5 hours lol) but I'm really looking forward to playing it. I doubt I'll have the time to really get into it with college and all the other games out soon but I'm still gonna try and enjoy it.

waltyftm2755d ago

It took me ages to download, but worth the wait, created a Hulk ripoff and have had loads of fun.

Kewl_Kat2755d ago

I started downloading at 10pm and finished at around 6pm the next day. It's all worth it, though.

dangert122755d ago

Sounds like sony have hit a gold mine if they can get people willing to pay for dlc/addons/exspansions etc

nycredude2755d ago

Yeah no doubt a lot of dc fans will be jumping on. If the game is good then people will pay for stuff. I am going to download this weekend.

Godmars2902755d ago

Once they get it working :p

Also proabbly best to wait 3-6 months to say if its a success or not.


Actually it's been a success since it launched that's why there was a such a huge jump in usage. In one day over 12000 new players joined and since it's limited to how many characters you can have that's extremely impressive. They have DLC packs lined up that fans have been dying for.

Ricksta_132755d ago

What can you buy for 5 quid is there anything worth while.

Ive downloaded the game (6 hours)and created my villain last nite (took ages to get a name best to have a few names prepared)but then the servers went down.

So ill b starting 2day if its any good ill upgrade to premium.

Also does the trophy system unlock at premium or is it legendary only ??

Queasy2755d ago

Not sure about $5 but the Green Lantern DLC might be worth $15.

KillaManiac2755d ago

Trophies only work for Legendary users, but noone knows yet if they are retroactive (once you start up get all trophies you should have earned up to that point).

And Green Lantern is only 10$ i think.

Queasy2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Yep, you're right. $10 for Green Lantern.

Ricksta_132755d ago

awww man im not looking to purchase legendary package.

Was hoping the trophies would be active if i was premium. Yh ill see about the DLC, im pretty sure some new DLC will be released soon, with all the new members logging on. Trying to make some more $$$.

RustInPeace2755d ago

Once I started playing when it went F2P I was hooked & my only questions were "How do I get the items attached to mail?" (Become a premium member or higher, and so I did by buying the Green Lantern DLC) and if trophies would unlock for premium members.
I do some searches and most links led me to believe that, yes, premium members WOULD unlock them. Even the PS Blog post said you could.......until you scroll down and read some responses from the DC team to questions presented on the post. The blog post said "yes", yet the comment responses said "Legendary only". Its a good game, but I just got really bummed out when I found out AFTER I put money into it (misinformation and impulsiveness strike again!).

dangert122755d ago Show
maniacmayhem2755d ago

Started a day ago. The game isn't very intuitive, but like i said i just started.

Question tho, can you only pick ice, fire, mental or elemental powers? I was hoping for a wider selection of powers. Or do i have to pay for those?

Queasy2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Yeah, the starting powers are Fire, Ice, Mental, Nature, Sorcery, and Gadgets. You can also get Light powers with the Green Lantern DLC.

That's combined with three movement powers (flight, speed, acrobatics) and 10 different weapon types.

Ricksta_132755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

yh u can only pick the 6 powers they let u, i was wondering this before and looked it up.

They might add sum in later on via DLC.

Same with the weapons.

There is no DLC or paid content that gives players a big advantages such as bonus weapons or powers.... atm.

edit: Oh yh the light power wid the green lantern bad :-D

UltimateIdiot9112755d ago

I tried to play but I keep getting Invalid Subscription Error. It seems to be happening for those who have Legendary status. Anyone else had this issue? Are you still getting the error?

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