Is Modern Warfare 3's campaign just 5 hours long?

Next week, Modern Warfare 3 gets released. It will, as expected, sell by the proverbial bucketloads – and most of those people will be buying the game for it’s expansive, evergreen multiplayer. In fact, most of the more enthusiastic Call of Duty players I know haven't even touched the single player campaigns in any of the recent games.

There are those, however, who buy Modern Warfare 3 for the single player narrative; and those people might be disappointed.

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webbsod2544d ago

nope it is longer

should be marked as a rumor

NukaCola2544d ago

On easy, skipping cutscenes, rushing through, not searching for any intel...possibly.

COD games aren't super long but they are a solid 8 hours. Just call this a rumor. I don't get length. It's always based on a persons playstyle.

Biggest2544d ago

It won't matter either way. The people that want MW3 will get MW3. The people that review MW3 will act as if the SP doesn't matter. And to be honest, it doesn't matter. There are tons of games with five hour SP modes if you play them to be five hours. The entire MGS series has medals for doing just that. Skip everything and blast your way through is hardly a way to enjoy a game.

kneon2544d ago

I finished both MW2 and Black-ops in under 6 hours on veteran and I'm no FPS god. They were too short and easy so I'm expecting MW3 to be the same. But I'm not buying it anyway as it looks like the downward slide is just continuing.

I didn't buy BF3 either as when I played it at EA last month it just seemed dull, just another FPS.

gamingdroid2544d ago

It usually takes me far longer than 5-7 hours this site always report to finish a game.

It's become news to speed run through a game, then claim that is the length of the game. Either way, I find CoD single player campaign to be excellently crafted so I guess I have to settle for quality over quantity.

Spec-ops should be very good too.

nycredude2544d ago

COD games are NOT a solid 8 hours. Maybe if you walk through the whole game and never once sprinted.

I played through MW2 back to back and it took about 10 hours. (they did patch it for trophies until I was done with sp campaign.)

GavinMannion2544d ago

It is, that's why that rumour bar is there

Trunkz Jr2544d ago

Does it matter? Reviews will still give it 9.5/10 or 10/10 even if it was 3-4 hours.

Cosmit2544d ago

Yup. Because its a great game!

mike_d_2544d ago

Here we go again!!! The closer to release the more stupid articles show up pointing out things people don't like.

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yea so? wasnt MW2 about the same? come on, the majority of mw players get the game for the multiplayer. disagree all you want, its true

cpayne932544d ago

Nobody disagreed bro, you're right. Most people I knew in high school didn't even touch the campaign. I knew a lot of people who didn't even touch spec ops either, and that was my favourite part of the whole game.

gamingdroid2544d ago

I love Spec-Ops too! Very cleverly designed game mode, not just mindlessly spawning lots and lots of enemies.

People are missing out if they ignore the campaign. My experience is that the MW campaigns tend to always be frantic, intense and fantastic!

Trunkz Jr2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

With that Logic BF3 should be 10/10 all across the board, yet sadly CoD will get this no matter how short or bad the SP is.

2544d ago
Fishy Fingers2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Wouldn't be anything out of the norm, I'd say most COD campaigns last 5-6 hours. Those are some fun hours while it lasts though, no filler, just set piece after set piece. Always enjoyable even with the dodgy storyline.

Still less than 19% of Black Ops buyers bothered to finish the campaign so its understandable that multiplayer gets the attention, it's what sells and what people want from COD.

ironfist922544d ago

Still longer than Kardashian's wedding!

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Na, her Wedding was longer...

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ironfist922543d ago

Oh shit, yeah I meant to say her marriage.

Pintheshadows2544d ago

Isn't a Cardassian a race from Star Trek?

zerocrossing2544d ago

I think you may be on to something there Jim.

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