First 20 minutes of Call of Duty: MW 3

intro and first mission included

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hqgamez2753d ago

I just finished the game.
5 hours on normal

StanLee2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Seems about right. A bit longer than expected to be honest. Cheers! That engine has evolved. It looks great even as dated as it is.

sambrar972753d ago

How is the campaign? And please give me a lengthy reply. (Plenty of details)

hqgamez2753d ago

I liked the campaign more than Battlefield 3's campaign. This one had lots of action seen.
One part I find my self shooting in mid air while on a plane, having an awesome train chase, spending more time on an AC-130, etc.

I felt the campaign was more story driven this time then it was in mw2.
SPOILER********************** *****************
SPOILER********************** *****************
You take the role of new people. Frost and Yuri. The story also back tracks to a time when Makarov was starting slow and also show how Zakhaev lost his arm. What surprised me the most it when Makarov had 5 men instead of 4 in the mission "No Russian", but you'll need to play to find out.
END SPOILER*********************** ****************

I don't want to give much detail, but when you play it. You will have some wow and sad moments in the game. I was one of the guys that would crack on COD and the same engine, but they changed. The story feels more better. The graphics seem to improve on the character models, some textures like buildings was better. Here is a video, It's not the best, but you can see.

sambrar972753d ago

Sweet, thanks for the info! Sound interesting but I'm still gonna rent it :P

mokopa2753d ago

Are you allowed to open doors on your own and always chasing the "follow" NPC like in MW2 and BF3? If so, I will miss it as I am not in a mood to repeat myself.

hqgamez2752d ago

no, you can't open doors on you own.

venom062753d ago

i just finished the campaign.. all in all about 5 hrs long.. surprisingly, REALLY similiar to BF3 camapaign....not much difference (few cut scenes put in for shock value, but nothing innovative).. ... but im sure the fanboy game sites are gonna be slobberin all over this...