Rewind Replay Publications - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

A portion of Rewind Replay's review: "Ultimately, Uncharted 3 is not as good as Uncharted 2. The game reminds me a lot of Modern Warfare 2, where the game plays safe and builds on what its predecessor built, but it’s nowhere near as mind blowing. Does that mean that Uncharted 3 is bad?"

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MysticStrummer2758d ago

I disagree. UC3 is most definitely the best of the series.

Etseix2758d ago

leave that aside, the sites that give UC3 a 8-0 tend to give the idea of "is not as innovative as UC2"
while there are a lot of franchises that are exactly the same but this never happens ;/ well, gotta play the game , (H) so far loving it.

jwatt2758d ago

I'm on chapter 20 and I was just thinking how much better U3 is compared to U2. I only played u2 once but I'm already thinking of my next play though with part 3.

Etseix2758d ago

89/100? not bad, still a 10 in my book.

crxss2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Story-wise i prefer Uncharted 2. Not only because Marlowe and Talbot are weak compared to Lazarevic and Flynn, but also the SP botched aiming mechanics, and Drully (Drake & Sully) not being as interesting as Drena IMO.

Actioin-wise Uncharted 3 takes the cake no doubt. Even though some of the awesome parts, like the cruiser portion, are completely there for no reason. But the Airplane portion, wow that was simply amazing and by far my favorite part, wish it lasted longer and also wished they showed less of that portion in the trailers, kinda spoiled it.

*SPOILERS* ya Marlowe captures Drake and tells him they need to find Sully and then you find yourself on a pirate ship and you suddenly suspect they have Sully? the eff? ND even said they had the cruise ship idea way before the story was made. Also can someone explain Talbot's disappearing skills (after he shoots Cutter with the dart) and his surviving skills after Cutter shoots him?

jspencep2758d ago

I am really starting to feel bad for ND. They really are victims of their own success. It's not good enough that they make a new game that somehow manages to be better than the revolutionary one before it, because it's apparently not a big enough improvement. Anyone who doesn't think UC3 the best game of the series is kidding themselves.

To improve upon a game that was already considered perfection only 2 years ago deserves more than these 8 out of 10s. 8 is not a bad score, but considering some of these publications gave UC2 a 10, it just shows a complete lack of consistency and fairness in the reviewing process.

GoldenPheasant2758d ago

Just passed this last night, on hard at 10h18m. This is a clown ass review. Is it a perfect game? No not really. I generally don't care about numerical scores but what is written in the meat of a review. So to write that its not mind blowing or innovative is just, wow. yes the core gameplay is the same, but its the sum of all its parts that make it epic. Let alone the fact that the multiplayer portion could be a separate game on its on speaks for itself.

After playing the part with Salim in the canyons, I couldn't but wonder what a game like RDR or GTA would be like running on a PS3 specific engine.

Nit picking and spinning, interwebz, you getz a starz on yo foehead.

SoapShoes2758d ago

I don't know what things have to be innovative to get a good score. GTA4 wasn't innovative, it just changed the formula to be more realistic but the core gameplay didn't change from GTA3.

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