“Microsoft are screwing the pooch” with Xbox Live Arcade – Hard Lines dev

Sony and PSN far more helpful to small developer-publishers than Microsoft, Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios has said during a panel at the Explay 2011 interactive festival today.

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fluffydelusions2543d ago

Wish these guys were more specific on what exactly they mean. All they say is Sony was more helpful.

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KonGreat2543d ago

Yeah, they don't really say WHAT microsoft does which hurts that industry. Kind of vague..

theonlylolking2543d ago

I dont like how vague they are but everyone that calls themselves a hardcore gamer knows that MS is hurting the industry.

nyobzoo2543d ago

I'll say that they are under contract to not able too say in details why. Hence why everyone who does say that MS/Sony platform is hard to work with, is always vague

Hicken2543d ago

I think it's been reported before that Microsoft is very strict when it comes to developing. There are patch size limits and demands of absolute equity, and that most ridiculous of terms: no game on PSN first will be on XBLA.

I'm certain there are more specifics as far as how strict they are- which can be googled or something- but it's not like this is really new.

gamingdroid2543d ago

The strictness though tend to be in consumers favor.

I remember reading a story about how a smaller dev complained about MS. When he clarified, it turned out MS asked them to polish their game specifically their menu's and so on to be consistent. Apparently this was "too much" work for the little studio so he b!tched.

He later acknowledge it was for the betterment of everyone.

***There are patch size limits and demands of absolute equity, and that most ridiculous of terms: no game on PSN first will be on XBLA.***

Patch size is obvious why, but there is no "absolute equity" requirement. They only require you be published by a "real" publisher with real/physical offices in the region.

Hicken2542d ago

So one example is enough to discount the many others who have said differently?

They don't "only" require anything. And why is it obvious about patch size? If a dev decides to add a day 1 patch or give out free bonuses to their fans, they've gotta jump through hoops and/or pay to do so. If they go over on disc number, they have to pay Microsoft. And as proud as I am to count it as a quality PS3 exclusive, I'd love it if more people were able to play amazing games like flOw and Flower, and the upcoming Journey. But these great titles will NEVER come to XBLA because they're not already there.

Please, try justifying that one for me. So far, your rationalizations are failing.

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Urmomlol2543d ago

I love how Beefjack tries to make their headlines as needlessly sensational as possible.

Tabloid journalism, lol.

gdguide2543d ago

What's really revealing is that 2x as many UK indie developers are developing for PSN vs XBLA. And that's in an Xbox stronghold. That speaks volumes to a bigger problem there.

gamingdroid2543d ago

MS isn't looking to fatten their library. They are looking for quality and that is why they hide the XBLA publishing behind "large publishers".

Far more games are published on iPhone, does that speak volumes of the console business?

Biggest2543d ago

The iPhone is a phone. The 360 is a console. I can see how you confuse the two, gamingdroid.

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WetN00dle692543d ago Sony slurping website *turns away and leaves*

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