Modern Warfare 3 cheaters: how Infinity Ward will stop them

OXM UK: "Infinity Ward has taken steps to ensure that Modern Warfare 3 will be a cheat, exploit and hack-free zone."

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BeaArthur2754d ago

They won't, developers have tried to prevent cheating for years and I seriously doubt Infinity Ward (with some of the most hacked games available) will be the ones to figure it out.

gamingdroid2754d ago

It's actually one of the better ones, considering the number of gamers and how high profile hacking target it is.

BeaArthur2754d ago

I don't play CoD anymore but when I did I noticed far more hacking/cheating than in any other game I have ever played. Volume doesn't matter, it's how well your game performs and CoD as a franchise is pretty poor.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2754d ago

Volume matters a lot. The more popular something is the more interest there is. Take the Iphone for example. If that wasn't popular no one would have bothered jailbreaking it.

BeaArthur2754d ago

@vashlion...what I'm saying is that the excuse of volume is irrelevant because if the game is hacked it's hacked. I'm not going to cut them slack because they have more players. A billion dollars should allow you to hire on more employees to take care of your product. When I used to play I would run into hackers/glitchers far more frequently in CoD titles than Halo, Battlefield, Killzone, etc.

gamingdroid2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

First of all, my experience hasn't been all that bad i.e. the number of "hacking" I encountered was very minimal.

Secondly, of course it matters. A program more vastly used is far more likely to have more defects found and subsequently exploited. That is common sense.

***A billion dollars should allow you to hire on more employees to take care of your product.***

Are you saying if a product has less users it is allowed to have more glitches?

Anyhow, I suggest you read the "The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering" before making large ground sweeping statements that adding more people would solve the problem especially of this nature.

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Rubberlegs2754d ago

Black Ops used the same type of method and it worked fine. I never see anyone hacking in BO and it didn't have all the exploits that MW2 had.
With Black Ops they do quick hotfixes without having to released a patch, this is the same thing MW3 will be doing. They can apply hotfixes towards weapons, maps, stats, anything that needs to fixed or being exploited.

People will always try exploit it and use mods/hacks but its an easy fix now. MW2 and WaW are bad because they can't do hotfixes like that. WaW is really bad, you can't even play it without seeing someone hacking.

Furesis2754d ago

i did not run into hackers eaven once in black ops

Chnswdchldrn2754d ago

You can never stop cheaters, they always find a way

1nsaint2754d ago

Really? The SCAR overpowered?

Dovahkiin2754d ago

It's underpowered if anything, the UMP however...

ProGrasTiNation2754d ago

Im sorry but he blames the xbox been hacked after the game released lol,you dont need a hacked machine to cheat in MW2.
Also 402 came out & said the same thing when the ps3 was hacked,he wouldn't comment on it when it wasn't hacked because he would have to admit it was possible before any hacks & all you needed was a pc.
& quick scoping is a huge glitch,if auto aim wasn't in the game then it would make it a real skill & all the kids who like their games easy wouldn't be playing it in the numbers they are.Just stick your sensitivity on high & spin around & you'll see your crosshair slow to a crawl when you pass over an enemy lol pure bull.

shaun mcwayne2754d ago

if you have to use cheats, hacks, glitches to win, the game must be to hard for you. i think is quite sad really.

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