GTA 5: A closer look at the game's graphical prowess in GIF form

Shubhankar writes: "Grand Theft Auto V recently got its debut trailer, and it set the internet on fire. While we agree about the fact that it wasn’t really very informative on some very important details, it was a very well made trailer that told us (and hinted at) enough to get us excited for the game. "

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Tanir2753d ago

games grapphics arent much better, and that doesnt even matter.

although the enviorments already looked good, wish they worked on the character models but oh well. aslong as they make the game fun thats all that matters.

i for one only rent gta's or borrow them, then drive, crash and get chased foor about 2 hours then return it. I only beat the old gta 2 and one. probably because of its arcadey focus on fun style. china town wars on psp was also fun for that reason

gameseveryday2753d ago

I have to disagree with you, better graphics does not mean better looking character models. Graphics is related to immersion. Alan wake for example did not had breathtaking visuals, but enough to suck the player right in. If the GIF below does not make this a visually impressive game, I dont know what will:

Bereaver2753d ago

Rashid, I dunno man. I couldn't get over the facial expressions in Alan Wake. But for those of you that enjoyed it, please don't hate me. It's great it has some followers.

DARK WITNESS2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I am sorry but how many open world games have character models that look that good with environments that are that detailed?

what sort of graphics are you expecting? I have played lots of open world games and the only ones that have character models looking close to that are the ones where the environments are mostly empty of any sort of large buildings.

Even where they do look almost as good, none of them have characters that move so naturally.

Your not going to get uncharted graphics in an open world game, not this gen anyway... but having said that GTAV is looking like the uncharted equivalent to the sandbox genre.

The only other game looking as good is skyrim, but from what I have seen the characters still don't move as smooth and life like as they do in gta.

Tanir2753d ago

no one is listening to what im saying. i SAID the enviorments look great just like they did in gta4, the character models are still ugly but who cares its the gameplay that counts, aslong as they make it fun i dont care lol.

didn't say the graphics were hideous, didn't say the graphics matter. why does everyone assume someone is trolling just because im not like "OMGOMGOMG OMG!!!!! GTA5!!! OMG!!!!!!! Hookers!!!! OMG!!!!"

Lirky2753d ago

since the theme modern day recession i hope that you start out with nothing and end up with nothing still. And throughout the game the economic themes are similiar to undead nightmare rdr theme where your low on ammo and having to scavenge alot.

Hayabusa 1172753d ago

I honestly don't know what people are complaining about.

The old GTAs were not ground breaking graphically, GTA 4 was probably the first tme the series was recognised for amazing visuals. Considering it's still on the same tech as GTA 4, the step up is noticable and is definitely an improvement. The focus on smaller details is something I like: Oblivion focused on modeling smaller objects and that's what sets it apart technically from other games. I'm glad GTA is taking the simular direction.

ProjectVulcan2753d ago

I wouldn't care so much as long as they improved the scale of the game beyond GTA4, improved the immersion and continuity of the world. For all i care the engine could include no major improvements on GTA4 visually as long as the scale is upped hugely- which it appears is happening anyway.

Any other visual improvements are a bonus. Frankly i would also just take a performance improvement over GTA4, it was fairly good, but could get a little wonky at times when a lot happened.

I want a bigger sandbox, i am impressed by what you can DO in a large world. You can build a gorgeous world, that feels lifeless and empty. Rockstar are masters of injecting 'soul' into their open world environments, the feeling that it is truly 'alive' and is moving and continuing all around you- it doesn't exist solely for you and your character.

This feeling is hard to describe but i think many would understand what i try to express.

Hayabusa 1172753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I know what you mean, and I think I get that feeling of an environment being alive comes from the small details, rather than the large: using Oblivion as an example, you walk into a room and it has a dinning table laid out with plates, cutlery, cups and food, all of which can be picked up and stored in your inventory: even enchanted. By contrast you have a game like Crackdown, massive city, lots to do, but everything feels scaled too large: picking up an object like a car tyre or a car door would be revolutionary gameplay in a game like GTA, but feels meaningless in Crackdown because it's all about the large scale buildings instead of the small objects. GTA V definitely looks like they're using the details to inject "life" and soul into the world, and couple that with the streaming city (even if it's no bigger then Liberty City from GTA 4) that's still an incredible feat technically. In reality all gamers look for in an sequel these days is higher resolution textures and more polygons on their characters :/

I also disagree with this "make it bigger" mentality. I'd rather have a city the same size as Liberty from GTA 4 if it meant I could go into every building and explore every room. Compared that to driving across a map the size of a continent with nothing in it...I know which one feels more "life-like" to me.

ProjectVulcan2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The problem with liberty city in GTA4 for me was it was too small. After the freedoms of San andreas it felt like a step back. Part of the joy of San Andreas was exploring every square inch and being astounded by the scale presented. Bigger IS better, as long as Rockstar's traditional quality is maintained.....

See, i don't want it to be bigger at the cost of quality- i want it to be bigger and the same quality at least. As this GTA game will have been in development longer than any other in the series history, i don't see a problem with the increased size and demanding that. I EXPECT that now.

I fully expect GTA5 to deliver a massive map size, jam packed with the life and soul- hallmarks of the series. Full to brim and teeming with the feeling of life, random events, farmers farming, workers working, people going about their daily business. Animals wandering about, rubbish swirling across the roads, TOTAL immersion. This is a massive challenge for any game.

After RDR Rockstar should have the perfect experience to be able to build stunningly alive cities we are used to from GTA and now 'empty' scenery that was still exciting to travel in something like RDR.

Full interiors are still not really possible to do so well because even though many cite procedural interiors as a solution, this console generation lacks memory and processing power to pull it off convincingly. randomising interiors is fine, but then also filling them with people... typically to spare memory these are then destroyed when you travel beyond a certain distance and you could re enter the same building, only for it to be procedurally completely different than it was 5 minutes before.

hennessey862753d ago

has GTA been about graphics, its all about the fun factor with GTA. Altough none of them have ever looked horrible, they have never been about pushing graphical boundries.


I agree with you but the simple truth is that this gen Everything seems to be judged on graphics!!

There were so many things that I loved about gta 4 like the physics, animation, AI...

all you hear are people crying about how it does not look like this or that, or it looks like a ps2 game, really sad if you ask me.

And it's not just gta, everything really just comes down to graphics, graphics, graphics.

hennessey862753d ago

But there are some of us left who can still love a game without it looking perfect.

TABSF2753d ago

The Trailer was probably done with the PC build of the game.

All the trailers for GTA IV look way better than the release version on PS3 and 360. The only version to look the same as the trailers or surpass it was the PC version.