Saints Row 3 Zombie Beatings with Sex Toy Trailer (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "We see the player defend themselves from the zombie hordes while wearing their favorite bathrobe and using a rather laughable weapon.. a dildo."

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Ghyst2757d ago

lol, thats pretty funny, why does he have that on him to begin with =O

Sub4Dis2757d ago

i heard the developers were hitting people in the face with a real 4 foot purple dildo at a recent gaming convention.

Nightcrawler9132757d ago

Epic...Already pre order. Sadly I will have Jury Duty on that week...damn

TenSteps2757d ago

While you're there ask yourself "What would Johnny Gat do?".

TheKindRoost2757d ago

this game is going to be epic fun!

Coke-a-Cola2757d ago

I must admit to my laughter here ........... I hope the reviews are favourable.

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