Journey dev: “Our relationship with Sony is like a fairytale”

“I can’t believe sometimes how amazing and diverse the portfolio is for PlayStation Network,” say thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke, and the developer behind Journey and Flower thinks that without Sony’s support for experimental titles “I’m not sure those games would exist.”

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TOO PAWNED2632d ago

then join first party muahaaa

tarbis2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Agreed. I'm sure they can do a lot more being a first party.

Stuart57562632d ago

Sony are legends, allowing dev's like these to create truly unique gaming art. Look at what PS3 has showcased in exclusivity this gen. Such a range of talent.

MariaHelFutura2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Ex. Team Ico

Sony give them as much time and $$$ as they need and (for some ungodly reason) people dont really buy their games by the truckload. Just for supporting a creative talent like Team Ico for so long w/o big $$$ results says alot, for that alone Sony infinitely has my respect.

nickjkl2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

i dont think so

team ico is like 20 people

i dont think they will give them 100 million dollars and 20 years to make a game

but 5 years and like 20 million is more reasonable

MariaHelFutura2632d ago

I dont understand the point of your all.

CaptainMarvelQ82632d ago

Sony tries,gotta give them respect.
I even heard that they manage all production costs if the game is PSN exclusive.Just shows you how Sony values developers and [hardcore] gamers trying to provide different genres.
Glad to see that it pays off the end.

tarbis2632d ago

They let them use their studios too if needed. Some of Sony's first party developers have their own studios.

Drabent2632d ago

Just relase this game already geez.....

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