Cynic Critic: Assassin's Creed

The third in the Cynic Critic series from
This time their writer expresses their rather cynical views on the Assassin's Creed series of games.

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Nate-Dog2758d ago

Regarding the Italian accents on English words, Rebecca notes at the start of ACII that there is at times a mix of Italian in with the English because the Animus 2.0 isn't bug-free, I'm assuming maybe the accents were there since it mixed in with the mix of Italian and English, although arguably it could have worked the other way too apart from when people actually spoke Italian.

Starfox8112757d ago

Ah duly noted. I expected some form of explanation on behalf of the characters but still its very 'convenient'. Without wanting to shatter the myth that Cynic Critic is a totally honest view, I quite like Assassin's creed...

Nate-Dog2757d ago

Oh I liked the article anyways myself despite not agreeing with some points, I am a big fan of AC myself but as is pointed out in the article (and by fans who aren't deluded about the series) there are a lot of problems with certain aspects of it such as lacking difficulty of combat and arguably the yearly releases.