Upcoming Change To PlayStation 3 And PSP Game Content On PlayStation Network

The European PlayStation Blog writes:

"We’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to the usage policies for PlayStation Network game content. As of November 18, 2011, the number of devices that can be activated on one PlayStation Network account for game content purchased from the PlayStation Store will be updated."

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Crazyglues2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Well they finally did it, you knew it was coming but Why Sony Why?

Yes Game-sharing has had some problems as a lot of people are just sharing with friends, but this is a mistake, what about the people with three or four PS3's..

Digital content already made me feel like I was getting ripped, I mean it cost nothing to print or sale because you have no case, I can't re-sell it like a disc, but having it be able to go to my other consoles made up for it.. now it just seems like some bullsh$& again...

If I had the disc I could play on whatever PlayStation 3 I want, now I can only play on two, what the hell..

Well Sony I have three PS3's in my house, one in my game room, one in the office and one in the bedroom... So now this sucks..

(I like to play where ever I want) I will now just stop buying PSN Content anymore.. I"m DONE-

WTF !.. Sony?


TheMrMadzen2566d ago

Game-Sharing does more bad than good

KUV19772566d ago

You can still install it to three systems. You would just have to deactivate it on one of them. It is really annoying if you are jumping rooms several times within a game but how often does that really happen?

Information Minister2566d ago

And how exactly am I supposed to deactivate my original 60GB PS3 which bricked 2 years ago? My account is still active on that system and the only way to change it would require using the console, which obviously isn't going to happen! Does this mean that any game I buy on PSN from now on can only be played on my current slim PS3?

This is a bad move by Sony.

ziggurcat2566d ago

@ information

call sony - they can probably deactivate that account if you explain the situation.

jahcure2566d ago

@information minister..
you clearly didn't read did you? First purchased BEFORE 11/18 are not subject to the change so if you are too lazy to use the current upgrade to the system (deactivation of content on other ps3s via website) yourself, you still have FOUR ps3s to use your OLD content on..

Should change your name to MISinformation

Information Minister2566d ago

@ jahcure:
You clearly didn't read did you? First off, I very straightforwardly stated "any game I buy on PSN FROM NOW ON". I am fully aware that old content remains unaffected. Furthermore, if you are too lazy to read the full story, I'll quote it for you: "Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website". PLANS! As in currently not available... As in the only way to deactivate a system right now is by using that very same system... As in no time frame for the website arrival! Remember when they had PLANS to convert UMDs to PSPgo downloads? Don't hold your breath.

Should change your name to MISinterpretation. Also, take some anger management classes.

Christopher2566d ago

***ime frame for the website arrival! Remember when they had PLANS to convert UMDs to PSPgo downloads?***

I don't recall that considering all they ever said is that they are looking into options for getting digital versions of currently owned UMDs, but had no solution at that time.

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tiffac0082566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

To clarify you can have 2 PS3 and 2 PSP (PSV?) account activated at the same time to share your contents with.

Now from what I understood. If you want to share with another PS3 for instance. You simply need to deactivate 1 PS3 and add the new one to the shared PSN account.

This also does not stop you from reactivating a PS3 to share with again.

This is more of an inconvenience than anything else.


Yeah I think 3 would have been better.

KUV19772566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

While i think that gamesharing was terrible because of the people exploiting it, i also think that three activations would have been the sweetspot. Two PS3s and one Vita seems a very probably configuration for many homes.

JoeReno2566d ago

It says two PS3s and two PSPs. I'm not certain of this but it would make sense to me that you could have two PS3s one PSP, and a Vita all active at once on one PSN account. That's at least my theory but because Vita hasn't launched yet it isn't covered by the blog post.

KUV19772566d ago

It says the rule is 2 PS3s for PS3 owners and the rule is two PSPs for PSP owners. I personally can not read a clear info on a combined rule, although I hope you are right and I actually believe that SONY is smart enough to have it this way. I always believed that the 5 current activations would also cover all PSN-capable devices and would not mean 5 PS3s and 5 PSPs, so I understood it (I had only read the other article before) as a combined 2.

tiffac0082566d ago

That is what my understanding is as well 2 PS3 and 2 PSP but KUV1977 does raise a valid question because Sony is saying this is by PSN account and if we can share accounts between PS3, PSP and PSV would that count as 1 each as activated?

Meaning we will only have a reality of 2 between all systems than 2 on consoles and 2 on handhelds.

I think we better start sending Sony some emails to clarify this. If its 2 PS3 and 2 handheld then its more of an inconvenience like I stated above.

But if its 1 activated account per system then that would really hurt.

MaXsPoT2566d ago

How did this post get approved ?
it is duplicated

plmkoh2566d ago

No it's not the link you provided is a report by, where as this is an official report by

CloseSecond2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I have 3 PS3s in my house so I can play PSN games on line with my kids (split screen pretty much sux for most games). This puts an end to that. It also puts an end to being able to buy a single copy for everyone in my house to use. PSN prices are already a rip off without having to buy the same download multiple times.

Sorry Sony, but this move will see me spending less on PS store and will likely put me off buying further handhelds for my kids.

n4gisatroll2566d ago

I feel ya on that, apparently you might be able to use PSN pass for multiple ps3s, but now only 2. Well, I'm waiting for an announcement for North America, hopefully it doesn't come soon.

JoeReno2566d ago

Its not like you can have all 3 of you PS3s signed in under one PSN account all at once anyway. I have 2 PS3s and I can't do it with two. I think everyone is not understanding this and is getting upset without it being clear.

CloseSecond2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Each PS3 has the same master account for the download. My kids then log into their separate accounts on their PS3 to play so their own progress is tracked. That way I can play against or with my kids or I can play something else whilst they are playing one of the shared games.

n4gisatroll2566d ago

I'm starting to get very angry with Sony and how they are changing the PSN. First the PSN pass, now I can't have more than two ps3s activated? We have 3 in the house...

CloseSecond2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I'm in the same boat as you. If this is how it had always been I would not have ever purchased 3 PS3s. There certainly wont be a 4th and I'll be buying less of PSN in the future.

Dark_Overlord2566d ago

Same here, I have 3. Was just about to buy a 4th, but F*** that idea now

will_c_752566d ago

I have 4 in the house and I spend a lot on the PSN because I can game with my family, this will totally kill my spending on the PSN, as the PSN killed retail for me, so Redbox it is

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