Review The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword |

You grew up with the adventures of the young Link and well after 25years of evolution video games, Nintendo never abandons those who have always loved the "Legend".

Zelda is back and we are ready to review 4news of the last pearl of Nintendo.
"Part of the fun that you felt at that time was lost in the realization of the next game."
Reflecting on the words of Eiji Aonuma Dad The Legend of Zelda series, can be understood as the realization of new video games the emotions and feelings that you felt playing with the glories of the past are gradually fading.

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deus_ex2567d ago

Great score for the GotY

Pikajew2567d ago

This game is getting great scores.

MegaSackman2567d ago

Selling smoke again Zelda uh!...

mcstorm2567d ago

Relly want to play this game but dont hve a wii any more going to pick it up with a wiiu i think.

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