Blast From The Past: Zool

Dealspwn takes a retrospective look at Zool, the flagrant Chupa Chups advert from Gremlin Graphics.

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "It's funny how things come full circle. We all roll our eyes in exasperated anguish every time a shoddy licensed film tie-in gets rushed out to deadline or a major corporation sallies forth with a tatty Facebook game/iOS app; cursing the newfangled craze with bitter venom. But back in the heady days when the Amiga reined supreme (sorry Atari fans, but it did), this was the rule rather than the exception. The Amiga's open-source nature allowed any company with a couple of quid to rub together to commission a team of bedroom coders on an ill-conceived crusade of broken gameplay, half-assed ideas and massive flagrant adverts.

This week, we're going to take a look at one ridiculous cash-in that carries the dubious distinction of actually being pretty good, so much so that it hit a number of platforms including the PC. Or, if I was feeling vindicti...

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