Retro Corner: Goldeneye 007 (

"Coming two years after the cinematic release of the film of the same name, few gamers would have expected to see a new James Bond Goldeneye 007 game being lined up for release on the new Nintendo 64 console. Given the rather poor history of film to game adaptations, even fewer gaming fans would have expected the game to not only be a lot of fun, but for the title to change the home console gaming scene forever."

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Antholex2759d ago

To this day I still refuse to play my friend at Goldeneye due to the fact the only map he would play was Facility with proximity mines.

He had memorised all the spawn points, and as soon as you died, you died again upon spawning due to the mines.

Never again.

robbttf2759d ago

That sounds awfully familiar!

So many memories...