Activision delays Call of Duty: Elite on the PC, platform "insecure"

Call of Duty: Elite is a new service from Activision that expands the multiplayer mode for the Call of Duty franchise. The service has been built from the ground up over the last two years and is expected to launch with Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Beachhead Studio boss Chacko Sonny has revealed that Elite will be delayed for the PC, because the platform is "insecure". Sonny insists that the devs are working hard to make sure it's a safe environment for the PC, but the service won't be able to launch on day 1. It will launch when "it's ready".

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Septic2756d ago

Such signs of instability before release, imagine what the service will be like later down the line.

Blues Cowboy2756d ago

Wait... so "people can easily cheat their stats" ?!! Seriously, this is really worrying so close to release.

pctrollv42756d ago

hahaha, i hope this POS is unplayable on day one just like ALL COD's on pc. BF3 FTW!

kevnb2756d ago

why would you hope that? Call of dutys huge success on console vs pc is probably the biggest reasons investors dont want to put money into pc exclusive shooters. On steam right now skyrim is outselling modern warfare 3, I bet on consoles skyrim is a huge distant second.

pctrollv42756d ago

And bf3 will outsell mw3 on pc as it should. As far as consoles go, dont really care about that. I just want COD dethroned on pc as its an insult to pc gamers. and as far as sales go, blops sold over 1.5 million on pc, so thats not so bad.

Bolts2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Who gives a shit about CoD on the PC. Have you played any CoD game on the PC lately? The gameplay is broken. It's broken because it's too damn easy on the keyboard and mouse. I can regularly headshot multiple people in a row across the map using ironsights due to the lack of recoil and the precision of mouse tracking. Because of this gun fights are brutal quick draw events where you can kill three guys in a row in less than a second, and instantly spin around to kill 3 more guys as long as your gun is still holding ammo.

When a gunship goes up on the PC. It stays up. All the time. The problem on the PC isn't getting kill streaks. It's being able to use your kill streaks because everyone have them and they're all spamming that button to get theirs in. So if a gunship goes down, another will go up right away. Picture playing every single map with a gunship being up less than 5 minutes in, and up constantly. It gets old pretty quickly.

thetest2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

They really mean their software is insecure. Proper server side authentication cannot be hacked unless your software is crap to begin with.

They get away with it on consoles because they presume you can't run your own code to attempt to exploit it. You could just as easily connect to the console stats server from a PC with a packet sniffer.

dex31082756d ago

This is how developers reducing PC sales. So please Activision don't cry and don't blame piracy for bad sales blame you for making stupid decisions and stupid moves. Players on Xbox are playing MW3 couple days now and PC platform even it has leaked files is not.