1UP: Review: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Delivers the Loot

1UP: With the two-part film adaptation of The Hobbit not due in theaters for another year, the chances of getting a quality The Lord of the Rings game before that seemed slim to say the least. So imagine my surprise when an M-rated title that pulls from both the films as well as the expanded universe materializes from the vapor.

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Canary2567d ago

I've been reading a lot of good press about this game lately. But I've been gaming for a pretty long time, and I like to think my tastes have refined moderately well over the centuries, and to me it doesn't look all that promising.

I think I'll wait a month or so for the more objective opinions to roll in. It's sickening how clearly game criticism is divided between pre-and-of-release period writing and post-release period writing.

memots2567d ago

Feel the same Canary.

I think this one is a Steam sale pick up for me. I am a huge fan of lotr but this smells like budget gaming for me.

byeGollum2567d ago

at least a few reviewers recognize a good game :) ... must buy for me ...

Bolts2567d ago

The Steam user review for this game have been totally meh. The worst offense being not able to control the AI's inventory until you exit out of the current game which is totally stupid.