You miss core gamers yet, Nintendo?

Original Gamer: "How can a company that has the largest userbase post such a huge loss? When they depend on the casual gamer, that's how."

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Titanz2543d ago

Though that's the reason why they're launching the Wii U next year (2012). Nintendo 1st/2nd titles may not be for some, but they manage to out-sell the other two competitors offerings.

It's the, "3rd party titles" that sell PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware (with a few exceptions - ie., exclusives), and the Nintendo Wii U will have those said titles once it's launched.

MasterCornholio2543d ago

I pretty much agree. The main reason why the Wii doesn't have games like skyrim or mass effect is because devs can't create thode games with obsolete hardware. Nintendo is to blame because they wanted to produced the console cheaply. However the WiiU will be 50% more powerful than the PS3 so it won't have any problems handling those games. I wish Nintendo the best of luck.


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kneon2543d ago

If it's only 50% more powerful then it's hardly worth the upgrade, though surely many people will.

But what's even more important for most hard core gamers is the online capabilities, Nintendo have a long way to go to catch up to the others. Frankly I just can't see them gaining back much of the hard core with the Wii U, it's too little too late.

digitaledge2543d ago


I believe the claim is coming from a few of the developers who have been developing games for the console.

I've seen reports saying 'significantly more powerful' and '50% more powerful' etc. No concrete information, but the general consensus seems to be that it IS more powerful than the PS3/360.

Xenial2543d ago

Maybe, but how much more powerfull will the bnext xbox and ps3 be compared to the wii-u? Nintendo puts themselves in the whole, i don't feel sorry for them at all anymore.

Trunkz Jr2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )


PS4/720 won't be coming out for some time, like 2014ish as they said with the move and kinect they expect to make the consoles last as long as they can. So to see a new Nintendo Console (not Wiiu) come out 1-2 years after a PS4/720 is most likely. Tho by then i wouldn't be surprised if Apple makes their own console that can integrate their ipods touch's and iphones.

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DA_SHREDDER2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

All they need is a proper COD game on the WiiU and they will be fine. When I mean proper, I mean good online support and the proper COD controller layout. I don't think the analog sticks are clickable so that would kill it for alot of people. Then there is the possibility that the WiiU will have crappy online communications.

But then you can look at the bright side of things. The WiiU is gonna be as strong as a gaming pc and easy gaming development, so your talking killer graphics and smooth gameplay. Then their is the touch screen that could add even more cool functions to any game let alone COD. Also, if, and thats a big "IF" they get the online communications right, then the core users are gonna feel right at home, but besides playing hardcore 3rd party titles, they are gonna be playing Mario and other first party titles without the Wiimote and look gorgeous! Thats a huge thing if you ask me. Motion controls worked but could never replace a traditional analog and button layout of a real controller. Here's hoping all goes well.

bergoo2543d ago

Thats why i love my wii. Cod black ops is great, and the point and shoot is as close to PC as you can get. Yeah, the graphics arn't HD but to me they dont need to be.

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iamnsuperman2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I agree to an extent that 3rd party games sell consoles (as a whole) with the exclusives selling the individual choice of console along with features. The problem the wii u is facing is why should a consumer buy the wii u when the third party games are on the current cheaper systems. They are going to be no better or worse. I persoanlly do not think the casual are going to as interested like they were when the wii came out. Consumer interest has changed to the cheap monile gaming. Not all of us may not like their exclusives but the should expand. I think they should make some new franchises. A new ip is exciting for the core and a bit refreshing for nintendo's usual line up

Narutone662543d ago

As someone said in the Sony loosing money thread. The major culprit is the strong Yen.

kneon2543d ago

No the strong yen is just part of the problem, sales falling off a cliff is the main problem here.

Narutone662543d ago

They are still making money on every console sold but with the strong yen and the exchange rate, they end up loosing a lot.

Captain Qwark 92543d ago

good article and i would be inclined to agree. for these same reasons im still trying to understand why ms is so hellbent on joining that market as well esp considering the 360 has been kept alive by "core" gamers.

those people dont know much about games and don't care to, theres a reason why there are very little wii fan-boys on here. they want angry birds, smart phone or facebook games. they want to play games that are simple with a few controls and little to no depth that they can shut off after 15-20 min. there just simply not going to come to sites like these, follow major titles, wait at midnight for them, purchase a game or two a month. its an expensive and time consuming hobby, something that is just not meant for everyone.

i know my gf is one of these "casual" gamers and she always claims that double analogue is impossible and therefore she could never play ( stupid reasoning to becuase there was a point in time when the double analogue was new to us as well, hell i hated the first ape escape when it dropped, i was like wtf i love monkeys but how am i going to play this with two sticks.... ) but as it turns out with a little practice it becomes second nature, they don't understand that for some reason

Khordchange2543d ago

honestly, no they don't. THey probably should be more casual with peripherals and stuff because that was their best years (2006-2009). If anything they should ignore the hardcore and do their own thing

Sugreev20012543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Well written article,can't really disagree with the author's logic.

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