Will GTA V push back the next generation?

With a new GTA game on the horizon, do we even need new hardware?

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Tachyon_Nova2755d ago

I really don't think any one game is going to push back new hardware.

Ezio20482755d ago

dont know about pushing the next gen but surely its gonna be the best game of the generation from the looks of it as of now..

Tachyon_Nova2755d ago

That might be a bit of a premature judgement after all we've seen is a 1:30 trailer which doesn't include gameplay.

2755d ago
steve30x2755d ago

Nobody knows if this is slated for current consoles or nexxt gen consoles. I am hoping its a release title for next gen consoles , but I dont mind if its for current gen consoles.

vortis2754d ago

Same here, man.

All those article noobs saying "Look how great and how much stuff GTA V has on PS3/XBox 360, we don't need new consoles!"

R* never said that footage was for current gen consoles and they never said what platforms the game will release. As butthurt as ps3/xbox 360 fanboys may be about that, it's just how it is.

I wouldn't doubt if Rockstar throw us a curveball and say that footage was from the Wii U and the PS3/Xbox 360 get the downgraded version this time around. Heck, it's just happend with RAGE, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Crysis and The Witcher 2.