IGN - Super Mario 3D Land is an Imposter

IGN - It's been a long time since we've gotten a new Super Mario Land game - 19 years to be precise. As a lover of the handheld Mario titles, I was terribly excited when I first heard the announcement for Super Mario 3D Land. I've been begging for a true third entry in the series for almost two decades now - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 was awesome, but it was more the beginning of the Wario spinoff games than a legitimate sequel. I simply couldn't wait to see the return of this quirky franchise in glorious 3D.

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GirlyGamer2542d ago

Damn misleading title :(

MakiManPR2542d ago

At last someone thinks like me. Totally agree with this guy. As soon as a knew it was gonna be called Super Mario 3D LAND I was expecting to be a Land game. This game should be called Super Mario 3D Galaxy. Hell even the stages still feel and look like you're playing a Galaxy game. I wont buy this game.

n4f2541d ago

i agree with the title
and since when did leaf turn into a tanooki suite